3 Tips for Finding Your Perfect Domme

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You may have met the man or woman of your dreams, but he may not be quite as into BDSM as you, or, you’re too scared to bring it up. You need to make sure that you’re happy in all aspects of dating life, including having a great sex life.
Some people want different things, and some things, such as BDSM may turn someone on more than someone else. This is why it is important to establish your sex life goals and wants right from the beginning.

Finding someone average isn’t that hard, let’s be honest, but finding a Domme can be a little more challenging. Here are just a couple of handy tips on how you can find your Domme and start femdom dating: 
Don’t Assume
Submissives make huge mistake when trying to find a Domme. The biggest is having a list of things that their ideal Domme should be. Don’t assume by looking at someone, or hearing about their career choices that they won’t be into the same things that you are in the bedroom, or wherever else you plan on doing ‘it’. You might be pleasantly surprised to find that the petite, blonde, girl-next-door type of girl is into things way more hardcore than you.
A dominant woman comes in many different forms, some even being stay at home mums or even a doctor. Not everyone needs to wear black all day every day while having a physically demanding job. I mean, while corsets are fun, nobody is going to wear them all day, right? Oh, and people definitely aren’t going to carry whips around in their bags.
The only way to find out if someone is into the same things as you is to ask them, so don’t be afraid. Alcohol always helps with this sort of thing.  Or, if your partner has started thinking about BDSM, then ask them to have a little read of my BDSM for beginners blog.
Use BDSM Specific Sites
Using dating sites that are aimed for all lovers of BDSM and femdom dating will ensure that you find someone on the right page as you. There are some great sites including Subs and Doms, where you can insert your preferences and tell someone exactly what you want.
The best thing about websites like this is that it clearly displays someone’s kinks and fetishes, so that you can filter your partner by what they like or don’t like. Plus, it gets rid of any awkward conversations that could happen if you met someone on just a regular dating site.
Finding a Domme Offline
While I honestly think that using a dating site, or one-night-stand site specifically for subs and doms is the best bet, you might be extremely lucky and manage to find someone in person.  Plus, this way you would actually get to know the person before hand. Oh, and if they do have really bad BO, then you’d know about it rather than awkwardly having to reject someone from the internet, right?
There are plenty of Facebook groups aimed at local BDSM munches, and if you mingle with the right people at these sorts of events, then you’ll get invited to ones that aren’t even advertised on Facebook.
A lot of people don’t exactly like advertising these, so the best thing to do is go to the one or two that you manage to find, and exchange numbers with as many people as possible, in hope that you get invited to more, or introduced to the Domme of your dreams.

*this is a collaborative post

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