My NY resolutions

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin There is one thing that I become after Christmas; fat.

I am definitely one of those "may as well, it's Christmas!" kind of people, about every food that lays in sight, but this goes on until the middle of January. I had a humongous amount of Chocolate for Christmas, so to say "I'm going to eat no junk food as a New Year's resolution" would be a load of bullshit, as there is still a crate of different chocolates downstairs.

So, rather than setting unrealistic and cliche resolutions for myself such as 'become a fitness freak and lose 5 stone', I would much rather set myself targets that I could actually complete.

Here are my realistic resolutions for the year:

1. Travel more - visit new cities around the world

I am visiting Las Vegas next week, and then Rome the week after, so I guess that this resolution is already on the verge of being completed. and although I am supposed to be using my time-off university for dissertation planning, I am sure that I can do some of that on the plane to keep me occupied (maybe).

2.  Win money at horse racing

As I attend university in Cheltenham, horse racing is quite a big thing there. I went to the races with my boyfriend 2 weeks ago, first time together, and managed to lose £100. Unfortunately, we went on New Years Day, and I lost £50. We have one more scheduled trip to the race course in 2 weeks, and hopefully, it will be 3rd time lucky and I will actually manage to win a horse race.

Before we got to the racecourse and lost money, oops.

3. Complete a box set that I've wanted to always watch

I started this on the first day of January, no surprise there. I may be extremely behind, but I have started watching One Tree Hill. I have completed the first season within 2 days and so far so good. It took me a little while to grasp the minimal characters and how everyone links up, but 19 episodes later, it's on repeat.

4. Save more money!

Again, I am not going to set a specific amount, incase I end up without a job after university. I did however, see a saving idea on Facebook yesterday, where it was to save every £5 note until the end of the year. Hopefully by the end of the year, there will be a lot more money in my savings account.

5. Take more care of my hair

Since I was younger I have always bleached my hair to go a lighter shade, leaving my hair brittle and damaged. My best-friend, who is a hairdresser, had the exact same problem, then started buying good shampoos, conditioners and treatment, and she looks like Rapunzel. Admittedly, the shampoo and conditioners she uses are £25 for a small tub, which makes me want to cry, but at this current time, I will do anything for my hair to become a little less damaged.

So I haven't straightened my hair in this photo - I just wanted you to see how frizzy and damaged it is naturally!

6. Complete my dissertation to the best of my ability

Again, it would be unrealistic for me to say 'get a first in my dissertation', when at this current time, I am still not fully aware of what I'm doing. To say that I am going to put a lot of effort in it, and make it the best of my ability on the other hand is a lot more realistic, and hopefully my feedback in June will be enough to make me happy.

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