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Follow my blog with Bloglovin Viva Las Vegas; the best but most expensive place to gamble, drink and eat. Before reaching actual Vegas, one of my first thoughts on arrival is how close the airport is to the strip. My worst part of any holiday is always the hour or 2 long transfer from the airport to the hotel or vice versa, thank God I didn't have to worry about it here, just a quick 10 minute taxi.

The Vegas strip is exactly how I had expected it to be; hundreds of casinos, flashing advertisements and busy streets. Unfortunately, I didn't find my hand twin in Caesars Palace but I did meet the guy who sold Joey an encyclopedia in Friends (I will explain further down). Obviously the main part of Vegas is all of the amazing themed hotels. My hotel was the Luxor, which is Egyptian themed and is shaped like a pyramid. I didn't actually think that there would be a casino in EVERY hotel, but turns out there is one in every hotel, bar, cafe etc, there is just no escaping the dangerous game of roulette this trip. Day 1 on every holiday I always treat as my day of exploring and getting to know my bearings. This gave us chance to explore all of the hotels from Vegas North such as Caesars Palace, The Mirage and the Wynn. Caesars Palace is, I think, the biggest hotel that I have ever seen. A shopping centre, a water fountain with a show, the hotel and more. The Wynn also has a canal outdoors with a little boat on, and when you walk in, it's full of designer shops. Apparently one of the best places to go for cocktails, although I went at 9.30am and felt like it would've been highly frowned upon to start drinking then. Although, it is Vegas and anything goes.

In regards to food and drink prices, definitely the most expensive place that I have ever been. Considering a 500ml bottle of Coca-Cola which obviously is American is approximately £1.20 in the U.K, in a vending machine or from the local shop they are charging $5.50 for a bottle, which is around a fiver. There are some places that are cheaper for food but they are your basic fast food chains. For a sit down meal or a buffet (which there are thousands of in Vegas, so nobody will starve here) the prices are around £40-50 each, exclusive of tax and tips. Crazy what people will pay for some grub and some drinks.

We saw a show on the 2nd night, Penn and Teller who are magicians. Oh, and in regards to my above comment, Penn is the person who sold Joey an encyclopedia in Friends in 1997 when he had no furniture. If that isn't a claim to fame I don't know what is! Pretty good show, somehow they managed to make a cow disappear on stage which I'm still baffled by, but they also explain how some tricks are done once they've finished it, which puts my mind at ease because I hate not knowing how magic is done. Definitely worth a watch however, and they do a meet and greet afterwards so you can grab a quick selfie.

The Grand Canyon coach trip happened on day 3, which to us 4 hours to get to but it was definitely worth the trip.I gave my mum a slight heart attack by sitting on the edge of the cliff, but it was well worth it to get a photo of dreams. The views were incredible and the photos that I have taken doesn't even do it justice.

Of course, my highlight of the trip was seeing Britney Spears live on her Piece of Me tour. My parents had surprised me with tickets on the final night, just to top off my 21st present as if Vegas wasn't enough. She included so may bangers in her set list from the 90s and now that it was my entire childhood all in one show. Whether you love or hate Britney, there is no doubt that she put on such a great show.

much to see, so much to do and all of that!

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