Visiting the Grand Canyon

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin The 5th Wonder of the World; the Grand Canyon. No pictures can do what I have seen today any justice, what a beautiful place with magnificent views.

For someone who hates long journeys, as I'm easily bored, the dreaded 4 hour coach journey from Vegas to the Grand Canyon National Park was surprisingly alright. The 2 food stops on the way definitely helped, as it included a barbecue buffet with the best pulled pork I've ever had. If they can't make it good in Arizona, then where can they make it? The bus also played a few films on both the inward and outward journey also, which made time go faster.

Arriving at the first stop in the Canyon, not really knowing what to expect, was pretty breathtaking. Of course, you've seen the Grand Canyon in photos and films, but nothing really compares to the real thing. The Canyon just seemed never ending, the views were spectacular and the clear skies helped too, with a dash of snow for effect. The array of orange mountains reminded me a lot of the Lion King, where Mufasa and Simba stand on the edge looking down stating what Simba inherits when Mufasa dies. I gave my mum a heart attack when I decided to sit on the edge for a photo. My new motto is, "may as well risk your life loss for a good Instagram" and that's exactly what I did.

Our second stop in the park was in the same place as the shop, cafe and restaurant. The views went on a lot further and you were able to take photos on the balcony at the top which enhanced the background. The art gallery, as expected included oil paintings and stencils of amazing art from over the years of the Canyon - some pieces ranging to £18,000 - it must definitely pay to be talented! One thing I will say is that you will need a hat, scarf, gloves and a thick coat as it gets fairly chilly.

Another film was played on the way back to the hotels, although most people decided to sleep. We arrived back to our hotel around 9.30, but it is definitely worth the long day and the journey.
Post-sightseeing, we headed into the bar for some warm drinks. The food looked good although we were still full from our BBQ lunch, and included hot dogs, chicken wings - standard American food by the looks of it. I ordered a hot chocolate, which warmed me up and was very satisfying for someone with such a sweet tooth, I didn't need to add any sugar for the first time in my life!

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