Why working in a pub is the best job to have whilst at uni

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It all started about 2 years ago, when I got made redundant from my 8 hour-a-week job in a small shoe store. As this was my first and only ever job, I didn't have much to compare it to. I would often work weekday evenings, and although the centre was busy, the shop would stay quiet which meant that I would commit myself to tedious jobs such as re-lacing shoe laces and cleaning the dust of the shelves which began getting repetitive as it was being done twice a day. Anyway, the shop closed down which put me in sheer panic thinking things like "how will I afford my online shopping addiction?" and "what if I can't afford the train to visit my dog anymore?" rather than questioning where my next meal would come from. The next few days I printed out my CV and handed in around town and a pub on the high street rang me up to tell me that I had a trial shift.

Never working in a pub before, I wasn't sure what I was expecting it to be like and whether I would be any good, but I'm still here 2 years later so I must be fairly good at it I guess. The best thing about working in a pub, to me, is the social interaction. I have never had amazing communication skills but you tend to talk to your locals and the regular which eventually builds up your confidence to communicate more effectively. I used to be extremely shy, which some people would never believe, but I can put the rise in confidence down to being forced to new people on a daily basis, which I am thankful for.

What is better than having free drinks? Most pubs are nice enough to let you d no on shift, as long as you do your job properly without throwing up all over the bar floor. The more people that you serve and talk to, the more chance you have of people saying "and whatever you're drinking" allowing you to pour your own. To me, these are like gold, but when I do get a drink bought for me I am extremely happy inside and chuck through a Thatchers Gold. However, it kind of sucks if your pub doesn't let you drink, and you will have to say a kind 'no' to the person buying you one heartbreakingly.

There are a lot more jobs to do, and nothing makes hours go faster than staying busy. The difference between retail and pub work is that the jobs in a pub can be endless. Of course, you still have to wipe mantelpieces and shelves, but absolutely not everyday - once a week at most due to there being so many other jobs. Other cleaning that might go on is things like dusting cobwebs away, scrubbing out coffee glasses and cleaning the beer mats, you can pretty much pick and choose which ones you want to do as long as you do some. I always opt for the dusting and watering the plants, the 2 easiest jobs to tick off the list but also the one which doesn't involve me handling too much glass at once, as I'm quite clumsy.

Another great point to make on this is the amount of hours that I work. Nobody likes trying to balance work, social life and university, which is why a pub is great. Some weeks I work 7 hours, but other weeks I work 30, however, as the hours are all in the evening pretty much, I don't miss any of my university lectures and I still have time to talk to my friends. Plus, if I did need any time off for whatever reason, I'm always welcome to put it in the diary so that nobody rotas me in to work that day. It's a win-win! Friday and Saturday nights might seem dauntingly busy, but in a pub, busy is better! Time FLIES when there are more people!

Retail workers; remember those early mornings that you would have to commit yourself to ready to start a nice early shift dealing with horrible customers? Pubs legally cannot serve alcohol until 10, and most don't open until 12 unless they're a big chain. You know what this means? LIE INS. Also, the a pub will never be open past 1am, so and let's be honest, you know you'll only be at home watching Netflix at that time anyway. So no early mornings, no late-late nights and just a few evenings where you will have to stay up until 1.

Working in a pub part-time is great, and so easy to learn how to do everything. With so many pubs in the U.K., they're always keen to hire people, so if you're jobless or fancy a change from retail, get down to your local ASAP and give it a shot.

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