My 2017 travel bucket list

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Some say the best things in life are free, but I say the best things in life are away from what you're used to. There are some beautiful places across the world and if money wasn't an issue, I would jet off and see them right away. As someone who has been lucky enough to take both short and long haul flights since I was a baby, I have always thought that I had visited a large part of the world. For Christmas, I had a scratch map and it's made me realise how many countries there are to visit as I've barely marked any of it off.

I thought I would make a 2017 travel bucket list of places that I definitely want to travel soon (when I get the funds and I am not drowned in uni work). BUDAPEST, HUNGARY
The best thing about European city breaks is that you only have to go for a few days to visit the city, which can often be so much healthier for my bank balance and also my busy schedule at the moment. the main thing on my Budapest 'to-do' list is the Széchenyi Baths, which is a big medicinal bath that has hot water around 75 degrees. I can't imagine that Budapest will be too expensive for food and drinks, which is always a plus. Like any European city, the best bet is to always eat off the main tourist attractions rather than near by, as they're bound to charge more.

JAMAICA, CARIBBEAN I never really fancied Jamaica as a holiday until my parents went back from their Caribbean cruise and couldn't stop talking about it for days. The sun, the beaches, the reggae - all sounds like a perfect Summer vacation with a twist. As quoted by my mum, "as soon as we got off the boat, the whole island was bouncing with reggae music". My only issue is, I can't really eat spicy food, and after experiencing the local version of Caribbean food in Cheltenham's Turtle Bay, I don't know how long I would last on spice and jerk-chicken!

A bit of a cliché this year to want to visit Thailand, but by looking at everyone's social media accounts, it is evident how beautiful the beaches are. The Phi Phi islands are south of Phuket and are great places for great sightseeing, swimming and snorkeling at Maya Bay, Loh Samah Bay, Pileh Cove, Viking Cave and Monkey Beach. For someone who is looking for an adventurous holiday full of fun, blue seas and sandy beaches, this is definitely on my must do list sometime over the next couple of years.

Only recently I have been fancying Mexico, due to finding such great deals online. Some of their hotels that are 3* look equivalent to the UK's 5* and look completely stunning. To wake up on the beach, with a pool bar on the Caribbean coast would be the absolute holiday goal right now. Plus, Mexico isn't all that bad for partying, especially if you were to visit Cancun, which is the HQ of Spring-break!

Again, I am jumping on the bandwagon and being a little bit cliché by saying that I want to see the Northern Lights from Iceland. I have already planned to go around next Christmas with my best friend to chill in the Blue Lagoon, look at the lights and just explore the country that actually has a ridiculously small population.

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  1. Mexico is top of my travel bucket list at the moment. It's looks amazing! X



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