My South East Asia Bucket List

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I haven't blogged in a while, and what better way to start a new post than something positive. A few days ago, I booked my return flights to Bangkok (yay), so that it gives me some sort of motivation to get my dissertation done over the next couple of weeks. I am unsure on how the 6 weeks in Asia will be spent, all I know is that I am definitely going there and definitely coming home on the 1st of September (hopefully).

Obviously, South East Asia is a bit of a cliche post-university travel experience. There is no getting away from the Snapchat and Instagram posts of girls island hopping through Thailand or visiting the notorious party scene of the Full Moon Party. Without knowing what I have got myself in for, other than cool photos and hopefully a successful sun tan, I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to do over there, however looking at numerous websites and itineraries, I have come up with a few things that I really want to do and see while travelling Asia.

1. An elephant experience
Where better to see and play with elephants than in their own habitat? I am fully against touching tigers and playing with tigers in Thailand as I understand that they are fed drugs constantly for the purpose of tourists. However, washing and feeding elephants I am okay with as it is all done in their natural environment and the elephants are still able to live in the wild.

2. Full Moon Party
I have always wanted to do the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan, and after hearing other people's reviews and stories, it has made me want to do it 10 times more. The Full Moon Party is based on Thailand's biggest party island, and is a notorious way to spend hard earned cash on buckets of alcohol. Although, I have read stories about some of the alcohol that they have used, so it is important to buy your alcohol from legitimate places rather than off the street for a cheaper price.

3,  Visit a ladyboy of Bangkok show
Of course, the 'Ladyboys of Bangkok' are occasionally in Cardiff in their annual show, but why not visit them perform their art in their own city. Hopefully I will get to speak to one to ask them how they do their make-up to such perfection.

5. Get a classic beach photo in Bali
There are so much more cultural things to do in Indonesia than pose for an amazing Instagram in the middle of the beach, admittedly. But who am I to say that I don't let my social networking accounts run what I do? A photo will last a million years, and no matter what negativity is going on around my life in 3 months time, I can look back at the photo and think of how relaxed and happy I am on the beaches in Bali.

6. Visit a floating market
Anyone that knows me will know that I absolutely love a market when I am on holiday. So, how about making my market-visiting experience in Thailand a little more unique by visiting a market on water? While all the sales people are travelling on the water with boats, you can go up to the edge and scan for what you want while they paddle over to you. Sounds pretty awesome.

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