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Ah, the essential travel camera of the decade. If you haven't got a Go Pro to capture all of your amazing memories on, is there even much point in going? If you haven't heard of a Go Pro, then you obviously skipped New Year's Eve because you're still living in 2016. There is a worldwide demand for GoPro cameras due to their crystal clear vision and quality of recording action packed videos. Oh, and did I mention that it is waterproof? The GoPro can actually go 10 metres underwater. 10 ENTIRE METRES. Here is an example of some filming that has been done using the new GoPro 5, it's pretty awesome.

No way is this an advertising blog, because there are some downsides to the Go Pro. The fact that it is £400 makes the Go Pro a little less amazing, right? As a student, I can't just splash out on a £400 camera, that knowing me, I will most likely break and destroy.

There are many cheaper alternatives online, some of which with some not so great reviews, a little less battery life and a few more pixels in the wide-angle. However, after doing some research and speaking to some owners of wide-angle cameras, I have come up with cheaper alternatives that will be great for your travels.

1. Veho Muvi K2 Action Camera Sports Bundle, £150, Argos

Again, it is quite pricey, but this is usually what you should expect to pay for a decent camera. The best thing about this in comparison to a Go Pro is that there are different kinds of mounts that are included in the price. Usually, a Go Pro can charge around £30 more for each one that you want to buy. The reviews of this seem quite decent, as it has a full 5 star rating on the Argos website. However, this is only by 14 people. When I was discussing the Go Pro in my introduction, I mentioned that it can go 10 meters below water, which to be seems like more than enough. The Veho Muvi kit actually goes 100m below water without getting damaged, which is one hell of a lot more in comparison to it's rival. The waterproof case is fairly chunky in comparison to the Go Pro, but surely this means that you are less likely to drop it?

Have a look at the reviews from people who have tried this product here!

2. Xiaoyi Yi Action Camera, £84.99, Amazon
After reading about this brand for a while, it is clear that they have been known for their luxurious electricals but yet still manage to stay low priced. The overall quality of the camera is meant to be pretty awesome, although a lot of reviews have a lack of water resistance in comparison to other alternatives. You will have to buy the water resistance case separately, as it is not completely water proof alone. It packs a 16 MP Sony camera sensor with a 155-degree wide-angle lens, and also supports time-lapses and you can take timed photos. 

Buy it here and take a look at it's good reviews too!

3. Polaroid Cube+, £99.50, Amazon

Ah, how cute is think dinky little thing! The fact that it is pink is not why it is on my list, I promise (although, it helps). This one is pretty cool as it comes with it's own app. I didn't research enough to tell you exactly what the app does, but the thought makes it sound exciting. Although, much like the previous 2, it isn't waterproof very much, it goes up to 30 feet and if you want to go any deeper, you will need their £25 case. The only thing that really puts me off this, is the fact that the battery is only usually around 110 minutes on a normal quality setting. I need more than an hour of a day to create some good footage while I go travelling. Other than that though, the dinky little thing is so suitable if you think that you can last on that much battery life, although it can film whilst charging.

Here it is!

4. Olfi one.five, £149.99, Olfi

One of the bad things that I have read about this is that there is no voice system. To me, this is absolutely not as issue as the menu is meant to be easy to use and is fully touch screen. It apparently lacks some features that a GoPro may be able to do, but if you're looking for good quality video and some good wide-shot images, then I think that this is the one for you.The reviews all state how easy this product is to use, which makes me want to get it as I am not a girl for things that aren't simple. Although, the battery life is only around an hour again although you can buy spare batteries for just £15.

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