32 hours in Edinburgh

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Me and my bestie decided to make a last minute decision to visit Edinburgh. I have never been there before, or any more north than Manchester saying that, and it was the best decision that I have made in a while.

We had a nice early flight which only took an hour from Bristol, which meant that we landed at 8am. We were in the city centre by 9am ready for our fun-filled joy. We hadn't done too much research on Edinburgh as we assumed it would all be a bit like Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol etc, but it is completely different, we felt as if we were in Spain the entire time.

We arrived in the city centre which was easy to get to by the Airport Link bus. This dropped us off near Prince's Street Gardens, which is a big park that looks up to Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile. Above the park also is the Scott Monument, which you can apparently climb for a good panoramic view of the city, although we could not see a single step.

From here our journey to the Royal Mile began, where we just assumed it would be a load of cute little shops and bars. We were so wrong. Well no, we weren't because that is exactly what was on the Royal Mile, but the architecture and the buildings were the main focus of the street because of how beautiful it all is. Also known as the Old Town, the Royal Mile leads up to the castle, whilst passing several street artists, tartan and cashmere shops, whiskey shops and old bars.

We reached the castle. Which is pretty big, kind of bigger than the ones in Wales I think. Plus, the views from the castle grounds are pretty insane, as you look down onto Prince's Street Gardens and also the new town. 

We stopped for a bite to eat from here in a small place called the Jolly Judge, which was a pub that served sandwiches and toasties. I opted for their toastie and sandwich deal and of course we decided to get a bottle of wine, technically it is a holiday, right?

Straight after here, we decided to take a little trip to the local bookstore (which was unfortunately closed!) and then down to buy something tartanny. We opted for a scarf so it didn't look too over the top. We then visited Edinburgh University buildings that were pretty cool too.

We found the cutest little village, that looked like a hidden little medieval village called Dean's Village. It was the cutest and probably my favourite part of the trip.

We started heading towards our way back, via George's Street which was located in the new town. Our apartment was near Arthur's Seat and the Scottish Parliament, where we decided to visit on day 2. In the evening, we found a nice pub in the Old Town where I decided to have a burger and chips and Twinny decided to have some sort of vegetable curry. They were both really nice and it is a shame that we can't remember the name of the pub because I would have highly recommended.

Although, I can highly recommend our breakfast at a place called Papiis. I opted for eggs florentine with added bacon, which was amazing. It is a bit hidden but if you just turn off George's Street and go down some stairs, you'll be there.

We began with a walk up Arthur's Seat. Well we started to walk in and gave up about half way. We still managed to get some good photos of the views though! Once we left our little morning hike, we took a visit to the Scottish Parliament and Holyrood Palace which were just around the corner.

We kind of moped around the Old Town again after here, because we had some time to kill and we completed everything we wanted to complete. I highly suggest Edinburgh and you can get some pretty decent flight prices if you book far enough in advance too!

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