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What did we do before mobile phone applications, eh? As much as we hate the Stocks app and the unnecessary Game Center, how could we possibly live without our daily scroll through the Twitter app and staying organised with our calendar? I have discovered a few applications recently that have helped me both save some money and also make some money which I am now putting towards a GoPro. This definitely isn't an advertising blog and more importantly I am not expecting you to commit a lot of time to these apps but they are definitely worth getting for your day to day life.

Top Cashback (

You have probably seen an advertisement for this on daytime TV and with Martin Lewis on This Morning. I bet you're already thinking that this is a shambles, however I have so far withdrawn £177 from booking holidays, online shopping with MissGuided and New Look and even inviting friends to join. Let me explain how it works first.

1. You want to online shop with Topshop for example so you turn your laptop on.

2. Instead of going directly to, you create an account with TopCashback (

3. Search for Topshop in the search bar, and it will redirect you straight to the Topshop site.

4. Shop like normal - and when you make a purchase, you will have some extra money in your account!

This is a preview of my account, so far I have taken out £177 from just online clothes shopping and booking a holiday last year. Most retailers give around 3-10% back and it will go into your TopCashback account which you can withdraw whenever you like. The £121 is still in the refund period, meaning because I still have time to refund the items they can't give me the money. It sounds complicated but if you are an online shopper, this app is a must.

Job Spotter

This is also my new favourite app. Admiedly it doesn't pay me in cash but it pays me in Amazon vouchers. This is currently the app that I have been using to get my GoPro as I have already made £50 in vouchers. It is a fairly slow process but again, when I explain how it works, it might be for you.

1. You visit a shopping centre or your local high street.

2. Keep your eyes peeled and when you see a 'WE'RE HIRING' sign in a shop window, open this app.

3. Take a photo of the advertisement and take a photo of the front of the shop and click submit.

4. That's it - and in an hour or so your photos will be reviewed and you will be paid anything from 20p to £1.50!

This is my current account after withdrawing numerous Amazon vouchers that they had emailed me. If you're wondering why they pay you, which I am sure you are, then it is because the app is created by Indeed who are a job recruiting agency. It helps them find the correct people for jobs and allows them to be in the know with more jobs than what are advertised online.

This app is pretty much the same as Top Cashback, meaning you go on their site first before you start your shopping spree. What I tend to do is check which site offers the most cashback - for example, if TopCashback are giving 10% for Tesco and Quidco are giving away 15%, it would be stupid not to do Quidco. Both of these websites count as advertising websites, which is where they get this so called 'free money' from.


This one is an extremely slow burner, but it definitely worth having if you have a little extra memory on your phone for one small application. It pays you for walking around! The app will give you 5000 points a day for walking 5000 steps and each of the Sweatpoints that you earn can be put towards prizes. It is a slow burner like I said, but if you keep this on your phone for a few months, who knows what you might be able to afford!

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