What I have learnt at university

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My three years are complete - done and dusted! I am a strong believer of learning new things everyday, and definitely try to enhance my academic skills when I can, but to say that I have completed my final stage (for now) of school and college makes me a little sad. Of course, I made some great friends and made some great memories whilst producing some work that I am incredibly proud of, but nothing will compare to the three years of being free with limited responsibilities and the 'I can do what I want' attitude.

For the past 2 weeks I have moved back to Cardiff, put all of my junk in the spare room (against my mum's wishes) and settled into a new part-time job before my travels in July. I now have adult responsibilities like looking for a full-time PR job, which I know is going to be time consuming, but hopefully my perfect position will arise in good timing. Anyway, here are a few things that university has taught me over the past few years.

1. It is more than just a degree

Of course, you're going to complete university and get the grade you deserve, adding a certificate to your closet and some extra skills to your mind. However, university isn't all about the education. You do learn new skills, but not necessarily academically. You adjust into your own person and you learn new social skills, how to live alone and even how to pay your own bill.

2. How expensive life is

A block of cheese. That's all I have to say to this, a block of cheese. Who knew that cheese would break the bank until before university? My poor parents, always having to fund my cheese on toast and cheesy pasta. In all seriousness, nothing is cheap so when you have to do your own food shopping, send a prayer out a day before that some things would have fallen into the discounted aisle because it will make you cry a little bit.

3. Your work is good work even if you don't think it

My confidence isn't that high, at all. I am not the only person to have picked up on this as my lecturers also pointed out as my main theme for improvements. I would often read essays back and think that they were terribly written and that they sounded like a 10-year-old had written them, but when my results came back they were often 2:1s. It goes to show that you shouldn't stress about your grades throughout the period of submission to the return of your results as they could be better than you expect.

4. You don't need to worry about making new friends as your perfect friendship group will fall to you naturally

You assume that your friends throughout university will be those who you are plunked in a flat with and that you probably won't meet anyone else and these people will be your life long uni friends. You are wrong, you are so wrong. My uni friends lived upstairs from me, and we didn't see much of them in halls. Of course, I stayed friends with one girl in my flat and we went on to live together throughout the last 2 years, but we added some great people en route and we all got along together and became uni besties.

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