Things to do in the Gili Islands

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My time in the Gili Islands is coming to an end unfortunately, and I can hand on heart tell you that it has been my favourite experience of the trip so far. The blue seas and white sands that we expected to see in Bali were made up for on the island of Gili Trawangan in 35 degree heat - obviously, I caught terrible sunburn as my jet lag forced me to sleep on the beach - ouch. Gili T is definitely the part island in Indonesia, although, I spent some nights catching up on my sleep, taking strolls and even having a late dinner on the beach.

I have made a little to-do list of things that you should definitely do whilst you are on a trip here that will enhance your trip and ensure that you get the best out of the island. Despite it being so small, there is still plenty to do. UGH, take me back.

What to do on Gili T

Hire a bike -as simple as it sounds, a bike is the best way to see the island. Considering the island is so small and they have no cars here, the bike is a great way to see the sights and get a tan at the same time. The only ways of getting around are bikes and horses which I think are extremely cruel so please, please do not use them as the horses look under-fed, ill and very distressed.

Go snorkelling - this was my excursion of the day which lasted a good few hours. We paid £5 to visit the seas between 3 of the Gili Islands. The first island wasn't the best of the lot, there were a few fish and that's about it. However, the second stop was at turtle island! How amazing, there were turtles everywhere! Plus, snorkelling isn't as expensive as scuba diving and you will still see the same wildlife and nature.

Order BBQ food on the beach - a surprisingly lot of the restaurants on the front of the beach sell BBQ food which is great because it is all so delicious. A lot of them come with a free salad bar also so really make the most of that. Seafood, corn and obviously your beef and chicken are all sold in skewers and eating whilst on the beach just makes it extra good!

A cooking class - unfortunately I haven't had time to do this but every time I walk past the cooking place I get so intrigued by the great smell and love looking at what they're cooking. If I had more time then I would definitely do this and start making Indonesian food when home. What better than a good time and learning new skills on the way. It would be like star-gazing on the Sims that boosts both your fun and your skills.

Visit the swings at PinkCoco - if you're all about the good photos like me, then this is the place to go. It is literally a pink swing in the sea, that's it, but what makes it so awesome is the sunset around 5pm. Look at this photo I uploaded to my Gram today - kind of impressed with it!

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