BANGKOK: Ballin' on a budget

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There is nothing I love more than spending money on clothes, eating out and living like a princess, which is often hard in the UK when you're on a low-wage and inflation has massively gone up. Bangkok, however, seems like the perfect place for me to act and live like a baller' due to the seriously low cost of living.

A good example.. I just went out for lunch and a drink. My lunch was a prawn salad and my drink being a fresh orange juice - in the UK, this would probably be £10 minimum at a restaurant (usually the OJ is £3/£4 on its own!) but no, I paid around £3 for all of it. That wasn't even a fluke - literally every cafe and restaurant is just that cheap! Have you ever just felt 'too rich'? Because I definitely haven't on the UK, and now I'm walking around like an absolute baller with my word of cash. I'm starting to question whether withdrawing £100 was too much money for the next week or 2. 

My 24 hours in Bangkok so far has just been a reminder to me that just because I am on a budget, doesn't mean that I can't live a little lavishly. However, if you're planning to take a 3-month trip to Bangkok and have decided that all you're going to bring is £10 worth of cash - please note that I am doing things in the backpacker way rather than cocktails on rooftop pools where we can be fully taken advantage of money wise.

Also I just want to express how happy I am that I can buy clothes for £1! So these trousers below were literally £1.50! I am aware that I am becoming a stereotypical tourist after 24 hours but hear me out. They are so comfortable and for £1.50 I think I'm honestly going to buy a pair in every colour. Oh, and definitely upgrade my hand luggage bag from the tiny tote that I have brought. Absolute mare! 

If you're worried that there are hotels and hostels that won't be that cheap when you are over here then don't worry, you can literally pay whilst over here and you will have a better rate here than if you were to book online anyway.

In regards to taxis, there was a useful chart in our backseat from the airport to or hotel which said how much we pay for the miles we use. There was no fee that meant we paid £4 before we had even driven. We asked for a set price and he charged us 550 baht which was extremely good considering we were in the taxi a good hour and also had tolls to pay throughout our drive. Transport during the day I am not very experienced with yet but trhere are several tourist places where you can book transfers and overnight busses but please beware, these get more expensive as you get closer to Khoasan Road. Use Tuk Tuks for short journeys because you can haggle the price down to pretty much whatever you want!

That's all from me on my little Bangkok update anyway for now. I am off to enjoy the remaining 24 hours that we have left in this vibrant city!

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