MY TIME IN: Bali, Indonesia

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My short but sweet time in Bali is nearly coming to and end and there is so much culture, scenery and monkeys that I didn't experience which is an absolute shame but also gives me a reason to come back in the future. After only spending 2 nights in Bali, we experienced both Kuta and also Ubud which is the jungle forest area. Although the first place we had arrived at was good - we had heard bad reviews on the crime in the area and also the beach didn't live up to our expectations of golden sand and clear blue seas which you'd typically expect from Bali.
I can't express how different Bali is to what I had expected. Again, much like my previous blog, it is so cheap and it makes you feel bad for not paying more for so much that you're getting. Our guesthouse host in Ubed, who I cannot recommend any more has been amazing to us. He picked us up from the elephant cave and took us into his beautiful home where we were given water, breakfast, dinner and 2 nights stay all for £6 a night. I love how people over here will go so out of their way to help you and expect nothing back whereas in places such as New York, you're expected to give money for the most least helpful things (like having a photo with Minnie Mouse in Times Square).

Our first activity as tourists in Bali was to visit Jungle Fish, which is a pool in the jungle in Ubed. WeOnly paying £2.50 for entry and a swigging bed over the trees, whilst cocktails were £7. We expected it to end more expensive at this tourist resort as it is run by tourists themselves who are probably used to a more expensive cost of living. Here are some photos of what I mean because words can barely do it any justice. 

After our day at the jungle pool, we volunteered at our host's school of 17 years plus, which also was a great cultural experience. We went into the classroom and were given groups to discuss with them their culture, things about Bali and the school that they learnt from. It was interesting that all of the 17-19 old girls drove motorbikes to the school rather than walked, received lifts, drove or used public transport. This photo is the photo taken by one of the teachers for us (I'm in the back left popping out like a meerkat).

We had an authentic Bali meal this evening too - we were taken to a restaurant by our host and given chicken, rice and hot chilli sauce. For anyone that knows me, this is not for me. Me and spice absolutely do not go well together - thank god the host ordered me a fruit juice, a coconut water and a bubble tea because I wouldn't have been able to get through that meal without it. 

It is a shame that we didn't get to see much more of the island because it is so beautiful and the people here are extremely friendly. Like I have previously said, it is always an excuse to come back. Our next stop is the Gili Islands - scuba diving, white beaches and swings on the sand. See you there!

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