9 Days Until Asia!

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Only a week and 2 days to go until I set off for the first time to Asia and oh my goodness I am very excited! With only a week to go, the countdown has definitely begun and I have started to focus more on what to do whilst in my first city of Bangkok, where we will be staying and what I need to buy in preparation of the trip. If you're a girl, you will know that holiday preparations are usually a lot more expensive than the trip itself - nails, eyelashes, bikinis etc. However, due to my trip being 6 weeks, is there really any need for me to get any of that done? Hopefully my nails can get redone whilst in Asia, I mean, where else better for cheaper acrylics than Thailand?

I have definitely been browsing a lot more activities to get involved in whilst away and I have made scuba diving in the Gili Islands absolutely compulsory. I recently ordered an action camera for my trip which will be of great use to me when doing fun activities like this. It is waterproof and I am hoping that I become arm's length with some turtles for some ultra good action shots.

Turtles in Gili Islands

Following a load of Instagram accounts that focus a lot on Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Cambodia has enabled me to imagine doing things that a year ago I wouldn't have even thought I'd be doing. Firstly, I didn't think I would be so motivated to work a lot of extra shifts to afford it and secondly it just still seems so unreal that I am going on the most amazing adventure.

So many temples to visit, eeek
I am going away with 2 of my best friends, which makes the trip even more exciting because there will always be someone to talk to and I will always be smiling. We have all decided that we won't let each other miss out on doing things that we each want to do, so our plan has been for everyone to have 1 activity that they definitely can't miss out on and without failure, it means that we all have to get involved in it. For example, I opted for scuba diving in Gili Islands as mentioned previously and one of my friends is lantern painting. Each to their own, I guess. We definitely don't want to leave Asia wishing we would have done more interesting things and we most certainly don't want to leave having regrets on how our time was spent.

I am particularly excited about trying new foods. Despite being a fussy eater when it comes to foods from other countries (I don't like spice, so my choice of curry is usually a korma!). I have tried to prep my tastebuds to enjoy Thai food more however all that I have managed to do is gain a few extra pounds by over eating Thai Green Curry because it is so damn good. Whilst Wales has many castles that I have explored, I have never been to a temple which makes this trip even more exciting because everyday I will be doing or seeing something that I have never done and seen before.

So, with 5 days in work left and 8 full days before my flight, surely this means that I can get a little bit more excited to go!

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