The travel costs that we forget about

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Ahhhh, who knew that travelling could be so expensive! I mean, you have your flights and your hotels and your transfers of course, but there are so many little bits that I always completely forget about. As I had a day off work today, I thought I would put it to good use and sort some of my travel bits and bobs, such as insurance, transfers to the airport and then my tablets. I don't want this blog to put you off travelling, because it is definitely one of the best things that you can do in life and the best thing that you can spend your money on, but I do want you to consider how much it all is before you get any cray-cray ideas booking a trip with limited funds.

Firstly, I went to sort out my rucksack (which is kind of vital for South-East Asia as you can't exactly wheel your case island to island) which turned out to be more expensive than I thought. You can get some 55L bags (who knew that bags were even measured in litres!?) which are ideal for my 6-week trip for around £30, but some have more pockets than others, have bags on top of bags etc etc. My plan for my bag (before my auntie very kindly bought me one - so that's a hack in itself) was to browse Go Outdoors and other good outdoor shops and then scout online. You can get a lot of stuff for cheaper online and if you look at my previous post on money-saving apps and read about Top Cashback, you'll be able to shop online and get money back for it. Also furthering the bags, Top Cashback and Voucher Codes have the same owners, and they are all about saving us some dollar god bless their hearts, so definitely scout around for some codes on there too!

The insurance... the thing you probably won't need because hopefully you will stay completely safe and the holiday runs smoothly, but also the most vital part of any holiday. Rather than searching for 'travel insurance' and clicking the first one, definitely do some research. God damn, there are so many insurance sites that all give you so much information that you quite literally will not understand. I had absolutely no clue what anything meant so I asked my dad to have a look over so many sites. Anyway, the best thing to do is to use a quote comparison site such as 'GO COMPARRRRRRRRRRE' (please tell me you sang that) and Insurance Supermarket. This will bring up the best deals and give you the option to select exactly what you need and what countries you're travelling. I chose one for £40 so that it lowered the excess on most things such as travel cancellation and also theft, loss and medical bills.

God, and in a few days I need to get my tablets. Who knew that tablets could cost so much? These are one of the things that I didn't actually know I needed, or if I did, assume that the NHS would cover it. So I need to get generic Malarone tablets which cover me for malaria, well don't cover me, but help me as much as possible. It is something that I can't not get, especially when I am always the girl to get bitten on holiday everywhere!

Ah, injections. The wonderful world of injections.  I don't hate needles but there is definitely something about the thought of liquids mixing in your veins that creep me out just a tad. I was mentally prepared for spending a lot of money on my vaccinations, so had already sent about £300 over to myself so that diseases would be minimised when abroad. Obviously the jabs are only necessary if you are visiting Asia where more than 8% of the citizens have hepatitis, and places such as Australia and the Caribbean. My vaccinations came to around £120, which is better than I thought although it is still equivalent to 4 bikinis (12 if you're shopping in Primark!)

There are a lot of other costs that need to be considered too such as the clothes you need, the medicines, the toiletries - it really does all add up! But like I said, travelling is the best experience in life and if you have the money and you work hard for your money, go for it. Of course, travelling can be done on the cheap by looking at AirBnBs rather than luxurious 5* hotels too, but the notes above are your holiday essentials that you cannot avoid. 

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