THINGS TO DO: Rainy days in Thailand

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There is nothing worse than expecting a super sunny trip and for it to be pouring down with rain. How am I supposed to go out and have fun in this weather? Oh, and more importantly what I am dreading is the entire family saying, "WHERE'S YOUR TAN THEN?" I just don't need that negativity in my life right now. Is this all bad though, like should I really let the rain force me to stay inside a grim and sweaty hostel with strangers when Coronation Street won't load and my book has a lot of grammatical errors. I think not.

I am currently writing this from Koh Phi Phi, a small island in Thailand and as you may have guessed, it is pouring down with rain. We had planned to take a walk up to the viewpoint this evening to watch the sunset but SHOCK, that plan has failed. The last few days have been hot but cloudy but that's what I get for coming here in Rainfall season I guess. I've made a little list of things that I probably could be doing right now rather than sitting on my bed writing this blog that would be a little more fun.

1. Visit a spa - where better to get a Thai massage than Thailand. Their prices are unbeatable and you can get so much stuff done for half of the price that we would pay. Although I haven't had anything done yet, I will probably end up getting my nails done for £12 and a wax for £6. They never charge you what they say on the list - always haggle with them until you get it discounted. Trust me, they will always say yes! I have heard that Zeavola on the north of the island of Phi Phi is a good spa to relax and pamper yourself on rainy days.

2. Take your own rainy day activities - a pack of cards is always useful and it gives you chance to socialise with other people in your hostels. If you read my previous blog on my travel Christmas list, I included travel Monopoly which is super useful but of course does take some space up.

3. A cooking class - I discussed this in my previous blog about Gili Islands but it still sounds like a great idea for a rainy day. There are so many places in Thailand that offer cooking classes where they teach you how to make Thai classics like pad Thai and Thai green curry. I have no idea how much  this activity is but you often get a photo at the end of your excursion with your meal! And plus you get to eat it at the end too and try your meal, so make sure you put as much effort in it as possible and in my case, not too much chilli powder!

4. Learn to scuba dive - it doesn't matter if it rains when you're learning to scuba dive because you'll already be wet. Plus a lot of the time, you will be learning in small pools which may be under cover. It's always a good skill to have especially when these seas are so clear and you can take it anywhere on your travels.

5. Go to the gym - this one really isn't for me, I'm more likely to buy a packet of Oreo from 7/11 and munch on them in bed but each to their own, right? It probably would be good to make use of the gym especially with all of these cold fizzy drinks that I have been drinking, so maybe when I am feeling desperate and fat then I will head to Phi Phi Villa Resort which charges 350 baht a day to make use of their facilities.

6. Start a blog or journal - go to one of the cafes on the Thai islands and begin writing about your trip. I started mine a few months back and although nothing really comes of it, they are good to look back at memories and read about the experiences from your trip. Nothing beats finding an old journal from a few years back and cringing/crying at some of the terrible things that you had wrote about. Plus sometimes photos don't always express how you feel so write your current thoughts and feelings down too so you can remember every moment in detail!

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