A guide to the Full Moon Party

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I attended and survived my first Full Moon Party in Thailand. It was a good experience and I am glad that I completed it and although I didn't last until 8am like the hardcore people, it was still a good night. We started off having pre-drinks at one of the hostels as buckets were fairly expensive on the island. 

The Full Moon Party started in 1985 when a group of tourists threw a birthday party for one of their friends on the Haad Rin beach in Pha Ngan. They had such a good time and because of this, they decided to return the following year. This became known by tourists and got busier and busier each year now totalling to around 30,000 people that attend the beach party. 

As I have written about in my previous post, we actually didn't stay on Pha Ngan which is the island where the Full Moon Party is. We stayed on a nearby island called Koh Samui which allowed us to complete other things during the week on the island. This worked out much cheap than staying on the island as a lot of hostels were £11 and required you to stay there a minimum of 4 or 5 nights. 

It is an experience that I don't plan on doing again but it is something that I am definitely glad that I did. It's extremely busy and full of tourists from all over the world who have gathered together for the event.

  1. Buy your paint on the night - You may be running around desperately looking for pint during the day, but don't worry  as majority of the stalls come out at night by the pier for those who are arriving to the island especially for the night. If you think that paint and glitter is childish and something you probably would've done for your local Oceana under 16s, then think again as majority of the island are covered in neon flowers and artistic drawings. The paint should cost you no more than 20 baht which is about 50p and there are ranges of colours. However please beware that my waterproof one did take 2 days to come off! 
  2. Don't pay an artist - There will be multiple designs on blackboards for you to choose from on the island. A lot of the designs were around 250 baht which is about £6. There is no doubt that it looks awesome but you can definitely do a lot of them yourself of get a friend to do it. It's all part of the fun! Here's a video that shows you some of the body paint that is done on the island:
  3. Don't stay on Phangan - according to a lot of travellers that we have spoken to, other than the Full Moon Party there really isn't a lot to do on the island. It is the smallest of the Thai islands and definitely has its tourism from it's parties. We stayed on Koh Samui and caught a return speedboat and transfers for 800 baht (£20). This is well worth doing as hostels on the island also rise in price around the time of the Full Moon Party and not only that, but there are a few that require a minimum of 4 days.
  4. If you do, book your hostel in advance - However, if you did want to stay on the island then make sure that you book it way in advance. Originally we didn't know that we could go from Koh Samui to Koh Phangan and only booked to stay in Koh Samui due to the lack of hostels available near the Full Moon Party. If you know exactly what dates you are going to Koh Phangan then book it about 2 weeks in advance at the very minimum. 
  5. Bring alcohol with you/ buy it in the shop - if you have any doubt about the alcohol that is being used on the beach then get your vodka or whatever you plan on drinking in 7/11, the most common shop on the island (sort of like a Tesco Express etc). It's a lot cheaper and at least you know they will be definitely safe and the brand you want rather than buying buckets of what could be petrol for all you know. Also, it also works out a lot cheaper for pre drinks too!
  6. Don't head down earlier than 1am - this is pretty much already my time that I'd be in bed eating snacks and scrolling through Twitter after a night out pretty much but the Full Moon Party goes on until the early hours of about 8am. A lot of people have a longer pre drinks so that the can last until the early hours and watch the sunrise. Also, it doesn't get any less busy throughout the night either.
  7. Avoid pickpockets - this is something that I actually witnessed happening unfortunately. I had already been worked about the amount of pick pockets during the event but it wasn't until I saw it in real life I knew how easy it was for those to take advantage of those intoxicated. If you see a few children around 10-15 years old and wonder why they are on the island for what should be an 18+ only event, then pick pocketing is usually more often the reason.
  8. Buy tacky Full Moon Party vests - it is all part of the fun! You can get your vests for 100 baht (again, around £2.50) and can do whatever you want with it. A lot of girls wear either bikini tops and decorate their bodies in paint of vests as dresses and use their legs as their canvas. The choice is entirely up to you but the more tacky and neon you are, the better!
  9. Don't buy a bucket each - share! - everyone knows that the Full Moon Party is full of buckets of vodka Redbull and any other sort of drinks, but there is definitely too much in one bucket for one of you. If it doesn't make you sick then it will just mess you up the morning. Plus, it works out half the price than if you were to buy one each.

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