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We have completed our first week in Asia, hurrah! We have faced some difficulties and confusions being first-time Asian travelers such as a potential dodgy airline we had never heard of, a change of route and getting scammed multiple times. It's ok however, we all learn from our mistakes and we have 5-weeks to have as con-free. 

Our route changed due to how fully booked the elephant park was at Chaing Mai. It was fully booked for the next 2 weeks, damn - meaning there was no point us sticking to our original route of Bangkok > Chaing Mai as we wouldn't have been able to do the one thing we were going to the city for - to play and bathe the elephants. Our second plan was to do the Thai islands first although the Full Moon Party is only on once every so often which happened to be somewhere out of the 2-week period that we were planning on spending there. Our only option, which actually turned out for the better, was to visit Bali and the Gili Islands first. This also meant that we got our most expensive adventures out of the way first so we definitely had enough $$$ in Vietnam and Thailand. Plus, it meant I could get some underwater activities done with my new camera - well so I thought. My camera's memory card happened to be corrupted meaning all of my files got lost. Great. That's a lesson learnt for next time, always buy a good memory card and not to get one on eBay. We went snorkelling between all of the Gili Islands which was cheaper than scuba diving and lasted from the morning to about 4ish. I recommend activity in my previous blog as it means you can swim with turtles, cute little Dory and Nemo fish and take some fun pictures in your snorkels.
I am not normally a nervous flyer. Having flown so many times since I was a baby you would have thought planes were my second nature. I don't mind using airlines that I am comfortable with and have used before but when it comes to using new airlines in a new continent that's when I start Googling things and all sorts come up which makes me completely stressed. We flew with Air Asia, who now I know are safe to fly with and a good airline, just like the UK's version or Easyjet but at first I was extremely worried about it. It didn't help that whilst I was on edge, we were sat next to the toilet and I would have a mini heart attack every time someone had pulled the flush chain.

My favourite part of the trip so far has to be snorkelling in the Gili Islands. The water is as clear as it looks in a holiday brochure and the people of Gili are extremely sweet and welcoming. However what I hated about Indonesia is the amount of horses that are used to transport people around due to there not being any cars on the island. They look skinny, they have frothy mouths and to be honest I think it's extremely cruel. Ban the working horses of Gili, I say! 

Read more about the treatment of horses on Gili Islands here: https://www.thedodo.com/gili-islands-horse-carriage-1102487516.html

And the downsides, whilst there haven't been to many downsides in comparison to the many good, getting taxis from place to place is long and definitely costly. Although you can definitely haggle with the price of taxis which is always a bonus as it drops the price massively. Our worst evening was getting told that our hotel wasn't where we thought it was so we had to get a taxi to the airport to use their wi-fi to find it AND THEN get another airport to the address that we had on our phones. Nightmare! Always check with the driver that he knows where he is going before you get into the car. 

So now that week 1 is complete, we have the Thai islands coming up starting with Koh Phi Phi which is known as the party island. That's always exciting! 

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