WEEK 2: Koh Phi Phi

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Gosh, these weeks are going so fast - I'll be back on a plane to Heathrow before I know it! Boohoo! So that's our second week in Asia done and to be honest, I think we have got our lives together a little more than the first week. We haven't been conned, or if we have then we just haven't realised. We have spent this week in Koh Phi Phi which is known as the party island of Thailand, although I only managed to go out for 2/5 of the days that we spent there. Oh, and that potential 'dodgy airline' that I previously mentioned? I have grown to love them for always getting me to my destination safely - big up Air Asia!

Let's first start by talking about the boat. The bloody boat from Gili back to Bali. Just like the last time, when it was hot and sunny we decided to sit at the top. A matter of fact, we queued to get onto the top of the deck so that we could sit outside. I sat with this random (fairly good looking) Dutch boy who started a conversation with me about university, work, travelling etc. Before we know it, we had a slight splash. Just a slight one, nothing major and in fact it was quite refreshing. Soon the sky got darker and the waves got heavier, the boy next to me got absolutely soaked it looked as though he had been down a log flume. He moved away from me after having enough of the water meaning that I was the target for the waves to hit as he was no longer my shield. Well there was no way that I could get on a plane when I got off the boat! My denim was soaking and took 3 days to properly dry, I had my hair in a towel. Horrendous! HORRENDOUS! 

Getting to Koh Phi Phi from Bali was actually pretty easy and unlike our other airport times, we didn't have too long of a wait in our stop off. We flew from Bali to Kuala Lumpur where we stayed for 4 hours. I was happy about this because I found a McDonald's that serve me a large meal WITH (...wait for it) a Tango ice blast for £2.50. I have never been so happy especially after not having any food that day! From Kuala Lumpur we flew to Krabi and got the boat to Phi Phi where we checked into our shared room. This was our first experience of a shared hostel and me being a princess, I was dreading it but knew it was the best option for the price range. It turned out alright - we had girls to go out with that night who showed us a good night out in Phi Phi and a Brazilian guy who seemed sweet enough.

Obviously a night of drinking for me doesn't result in a fresh start the next day - so when we went to the beach, I had to take a quick break to be sick about five times. It wasn't until about 6pm that I started feeling human again! This meant that it was a quiet in for me on the second night. I honestly think I'm allergic to alcohol - most of my friends are a bit sick or get a headache if they go super hard. I'm pretty sure that I didn't go 'super hard' and I just had a few drinks you know! 

All of the days kind of blur into one now from beaches and shopping and chilling out in the hostel. My favourite part of Phi Phi was definitely Monkey Beach. After reading online about how aggressive the monkeys are and how they bite and give people rabies I was of course expecting the worst, being the worrier of the group as you've probably guessed by my experiences with Air Asia. How cute is this little monkey and his tiny baby hands! God I was SO in love - they were actually like babies! I was the only one in the group that managed to touch a monkey and although it tried to mug me and steal my passport and money, I didn't get rabies which is always great.

We took a little hike up to the local viewpoints where we were able to see the entire island. We knew it was a high point although the steps were absolutely lethal. For someone whose fitness levels aren't all that great, walking the 1 million steps was a bit of a mission for me. However, it was definitely worth it when we got to the top despite being super sweaty and having to take a good hour to get our breath back.

We are definitely starting to do things right such as booking our hostels and busses far in advance and taking time to do research on finding the most cost effective ways of travelling and staying whilst not wanting to stay in a dump. The first week was all just an experience and to teach us a lesson on how to travel properly without spending too much and getting conned.

Our next port of call is Koh Samui which again I'm nervous about as I've read a lot of articles recently in the rise of box jellyfish on the island. Again, the likeliness of this is very but me being me will probably refrain from entering the sea unless I am dying of heatstroke. 

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