WEEK 3: Koh Samui and Siem Reap

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If you read my update from week 2, you would know that I have been a tad anxious to enter the sea due to the rise in box jellyfish on the island of Samui. Fortunately, I entered the sea and didn't get stung although the sea at Crystal Bay was so hot that it didn't cool me down in the slightest. We arrived at our hostel sharing with 2 Irish girls and a boy who seemed nice enough. We arrived to Koh Samui fairly late after our bus and boat to the island so we headed out for some food and returned back to have an early night. I opted for sweet and sour chicken as it was something I am yet to have in Asia and I know that I like it. There are only so many times a girl can have Thai green curry this trip.

Our first full day in Samui meant that we were going to have a little look around and see what was about. We went to the local beach which seemed ok but not as good as Gili T as the sea wasn't as blue and the sand wasn't as gold so we left after a short while (especially as it was pretty cloudy). We went in a few of the shops which already were a lot cheaper than Phi Phi as the shopkeepers were more likely to haggle with you and get the price down. I also used this day to visit the market a little further down where I bought earrings, Havaianas for £1 (obviously fakes) and some other bits. Anyone that knows me should know that I love a market abroad, I will always go out of my way to find one and buy some super lame and tacky stuff. 

That night we saw the sign to say "speedboat to Full Moon Party" so it clicked with us that we could travel to the island of the party that night without having to stay there. Obviously we did this and attended the Full Moon Party (see previous post). Although I was fairly sick that night and had to return early, I wasn't overly drunk but my body definitely doesn't allow me to drink anymore. I have definitely convinced myself that i have a slight intolerance to alcohol or some sort of ingredient which isn't ideal in the slightest as it just ends up ruining my nights. Of course my doctor will probably just say to me "stop drinking", he may be able to find out what ingredient is making me so sick all the time. Anyway, the party was great and definitely worth going to if you're about but as I mentioned in my previous blog, I would have enjoyed it so much more if I was 18 years old. There were too many people on the beach for me and my sweat was getting unbearable (soz, not soz).

The rest of Samui, other than getting a McDonald's and spending my day in bed meant involved getting transported around the island to visit the waterfalls and the beach that was a lot better than we visited on day 1. We ended up getting fairly drunk that night as I said to the girls "I'm too hot I'm going to go and get an orange juice" and 5 minutes later they followed me to get cocktails and I quickly caught on. Also, I didn't even get the orange juice, I opted for a Long Island ice tea instead.

From Samui came our 30 hour travelling day to Cambodia which I had been dreading for days because I can never sleep on transport. I am always the last one on flights, trains and cars to sleep which sucks especially on long haul. However, our first 10 hour bus journey seemed to fly by as I had a row of seats to myself and managed to sleep for about 5 hours which was pretty good. The worst part of this bus was throwing up my KFC and having to use the toilet (that didn't flush) a few times due to eating something a bit dodgy. That's never nice but something that I got over within a day and to be honest I'm the last one of the girls to have experienced this on our travels. Another bus ride later and we reached Cambodia, after paying and faffing about with our visas on the border of course.
Our first night in Cambodia allowed us to go out for food and explore the markets as there were no ready meals in the supermarket nearby. We knew that the next day was going to be full of temple seeing and an early rise to catch the sunrise at Angkor Wat so we headed back to the hostel no later than 9pm. 

Waking up at 4am didn't seem too hard as we knew we had a productive day to look forward to. Our driver picked us up ready to give us a tour of Siem Reap and take us to numerous temples. The annoying thing about Angkor Wat is that there is no information as you are walking around. I am someone that likes to know exactly what I am looking at and exactly what has happened here so many years ago, so that was a bit annoying. It's true what people who have travelled South East Asia say, when you have seen one temple you have probably seen them all. The day got pretty repetitive but seeing as the day began at 4am we were back at the hostel by midday to chill out by the pool.
Throughout the day I had been craving fro-yo and made the girls jump on board too. Later in the evening we headed for drinks, food and fro-yo. We were offered samples on the street from Project-Y and we were quickly persuaded into their shop as they gave us free toppings and all of their proceeds went to charity. So instead of feeling down that we are our body weight in fro-yo, we were instead very happy about giving to charity. Surely that balances it out?

My highlight of the week has definitely been getting out and doing a lot more in Siem Reap which makes me excited to have fun day activities to look forward to. My only downfall perhaps is not knowing exactly what was going on in Angkor Wat - there definitely should have been some more information around the temples just so that tourists could find out some more information. Neverless, the buildings were still beautiful and we had a great morning! 

Our next destination is Phenom Phen which I am looking forward to. We are visiting the Killing Fields and the museum which I have read a lot about recently so I don't know if I should use the term excited, but I am eager to learn more about the devastating events that happened in Cambodia a few decades ago. 

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