What to pack to travel South East Asia

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It is a near impossible to find any sort of packing list online for a 6-week trip to South East Asia. If I was travelling to Europe or Australia then sure, I would be able to have a little Google and print off a suitable list but for some reason even though South East Asia is one of the most popular destinations for travellers this year, there certainly isn't enough online on what to pack. In particular, there are only a select few that have any relation to Cambodia which is where part of my travels we're going to be.

Of course all of the countries were going to be in the temperature of 30 degrees and above but it is also rain season. Also, I made sure that it was appropriate to pack warm clothes for my landing back in Wales. So the question remains, what do I pack?

Whilst I've spent my past 3-weeks in Asia, I am having a lot of trouble for over packing my bag. Actually no that's a lie, I haven't over packed but I've bought so much over here that I am beginning to struggle with my bag. So first things first, ensure that your bag has a little bit of room before you jet off as Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia sell clothes that are so cheap they will make you never want to shop in New Look again.

Packing and planning tips

1. Plan around your activities - If you know that you're going to be taking part in some activities that involve you to get a bit muddy then pack some stuff that you wouldn't mind getting ruined and perhaps not come home with. Also, if you're attending the Full Moon Party then neon clothes are always good although it is very cheap to buy everything over in Thailand for this.
2. Use Stylebook - if you have seen Clueless (which I really hope you have) then this is the app that has probably been on your mind for the past decade. It allows you to take photos of your clothes and order them by category so that you can easy put outfits together and see what works well. It is great for a long trip!
3. Loose and lightweight clothes - cotton is a great material to pack as it's easy to dry once you wash it and also it's breathable and light. 
4. Make sure you can mix and match outfits - again, Stylebook is great for this as you can put multiple tops with the same pair of shorts and see what pairs well. You will be amazed at some of the outfits you can make that you wouldn't have even thought about! Denim shorts and skirts are a great item for this - I've worn mine most days!

5. Long sleeves/trousers - A lot of the temples and religious buildings require you to wear clothes that cover both your knees and shoulders so trousers and a t-shirt are definitely essential.

6. Separate everything into plastic bags - I am so thankful that I have done this so if I was going to tell you to only use one of these tips then it would be this one. I have a bag for my clothes and a bag for underwear and swimwear. It makes packing and unpacking a whole lot easier for definite and also doesn't mean that you're rummaging around for that one specific piece of clothing as it's always going to be in your 'clothes bag'.
7. No more than 3 pairs of shoes - shoes take up a lot of room so my suggestion would be to wear trainers to travel although not on boats as you're often required to walk through the sea to get to the pier. I have started attaching my trainers to my bag from the outside, making sure they are tied up to my bag to save room on the inside. Other than that, just 1 or 2 pairs of sandals are perfect.

8. Don't forget the beach days - another great item that I have brought along with me is my micro-fibre towel that my auntie bought me for my travels. It is extremely light, easy to pack and doesn't take up much room.
Packing list:

Hair brush
Shower gel
Aloe Vera/aftersun 
Diaraeah tablets
Hair bobbles
Bug spray
Bug cream

Tshirt (or a few!)
Trousers / long shorts that cover your knees (X1)
Denim shorts
Vests / tank tops
Knickers (x7) 
Bras (black, white, strapless)
1 pair of trainers 
1 pair of Sandals 
Bikini / swimwear (2 if there will be a lot of beach days)
A light rain coat

Phone charger 
Memory card
Headphones (I brought x3 to be on the safe side..)
Plug adapter !!!
Micro-fibre towel

Boarding pass
Insurance details
Hostel and hotel details
Passport sized photos
A document holder
Your travel card
A back up travel card

Don't forget that you can buy most of the clothes and accessories when abroad for a very low cost so if you have managed to forget anything, not to worry! Assuming that it isn't your travel card or your passport anyway!

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