7 things to do in Barcelona

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Barcelona; one of the most iconic cities in Europe. Not only is it the home to one of the most famous architects in the world, Gaudi, whose work is represented on many buildings including the world-famous Familia Sagrada, but it is also home to delicious tapas, a great scene of nightlife and a busy beach. That really is the best thing about Barcelona, you can either use it as a fun city break or a beach holiday where you literally don't see any of the sights. The world is your oyster!

Barcelona is one of those cities that is definitely on everyone's bucket list - there aren't many people who would say, "I don't really fancy going there, it isn't really my scene" because there really is something for everyone. I visited for 3 days I think, so we didn't really have time to visit the beach (other than going to a nightclub that sat on the coast, but we definitely did not see the sea). I wouldn't really suggest doing Barcelona by foot, as everything seems pretty spread out. Parc Guell is a good few miles away from Familia Sagrada, so maybe invest in a bus ticket or an open top bus rather than run miles around the city. That way, you really do have so many options of tourist attractions that you can visit!

Here is a little gift from me to you; a little list on how to make Barcelona the most productive trip that you can, seeing all of the sights, eating the best food and of-course having the best time ever.

Top things to do in Barcelona

1. Visit Familia Sagrada
Obviously this is the must for Barcelona, definitely their biggest and most popular tourist attraction but also one of the most iconic buildings in Europe. If you want to go inside (we didn't, oops), then it is highly recommended to buy tickets online than to stand queuing around for a good few hours. This cathedral had been designed by Antoni Gaudi and the construction has been going on since 1882. That's right - it still isn't finished. Hopefully, if builders don't take too much time off and eat too many doughnuts, the magnificent piece should be done by 2026, which will commemorate 100 years since Gaudi's death. Although I haven't been inside, I have heard that the long stretch of stain glass windows and the actual architecture is incredible. So don't live with the regret that I have and get yourself some tickets! Obviously in my photo there is still so much scaffolding helping out with the design and building process - there is also a little pop-up inside that shows what the finished masterpiece should look like. 

2. Visit Parc Guell
This is not your typical park, and I can assure you that your local dog-walking field will have nothing on this place. Easily being my favourite place in Barcelona - so many stunning designs by Gaudi for us to enjoy. Also a great place for locals - especially dog walkers. Gaudi had the chance to create some mesmerising designs for the rich owner of the park who was looking to create a new suburb above the city for his daughter who was disabled. The park is actually free to wander around - if you go after 4pm I believe, or only around 4 euros if you go in the afternoon when it is a bit quieter. The mosaic semi-circle of seats allow tourists to get their picture taken with the entire view of Barcelona in the background, including the beach.

3. Eat tapas!
Mmm, some of my favourite foods - great to pick at whilst having a gossip and a glass of sangria. We found this great place on La Rambla that offered unlimited tapas. Usually buffets can be pretty crap and bad quality, but everything was cooked fresh right infront of us, and we even had a salad bar for the added crunch and munch! iTapa was the name of the place -  definitely worth going so you can experience all the yummy foods of Spain!

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4. Go the Olympic Park!
There really isn't much going on here - the park is no longer in use and it is pretty much at the dead road. However, I wouldn't recommend this place if it wasn't beautiful. Set in a secluded area, far enough from the city for peace and quiet yet high enough for the views of the city sits the Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys that was built in 1927 for the 1929 International Exposition in the city. Barcelona bid to host the 1936 Olympics but lost it to Berlin. The beautiful building was eventually used a the Summer olympics in 1992 after undergoing renovation in 1989. Me and my bestie always say that this was one of the most under-rated places in the city. It is equipped with a fountain, a little waterfall and is just a good building in general. Great to absorb some sporting culture and visit one of the sights that not many tourists have seen.

5. Go to the food market
We all know I love a market, and when there is food involved too, it just makes it twice as good. The market, which is on the main strip of La Rambla, is literally full of bright coloured fruits, yummy fruit juices and hundreds of macaroons. I am not actually sure when it opens as it was only open once when we were there, but definitely worth heading inside if you manage to see it. I honestly bought the world - a fruit juice (it might have even been 2?!), some macaroons and a Spanish omelette. Not ideal considering we were going out for dinner a few hours later, but I mean, eating the food is basically like taking in the culture, right? 

6.  Experience the nightlife
We had such a good night out - there were 3 clubs on the beach and we went to a club beginning with S which was popular with the locals. They played good music that we knew and we sung and dance to. It was all a bit weird to begin with, we started in one of the local bars and then we paid extra for the bus to the club - it was literally the normal Barcelona bus, like the C bus that will take you to your house from the town centre. It got us there in one piece anyway, so that is always great. When you are in the club, they literally free pour the drinks until every sip will make you want to die inside. Buy one drink and that is probably all you need for your top-up to keep you going until the lights come on in the club. Clubs like this always make you realise how stingy British clubs are with their alcohol. Damn British laws!

7. Take a picnic to Ciutadella Park on a sunny day
We only found this place by chance, walking to the zoo, but it such a beautiful area for a boat ride and a picnic. The massive park boasts a big lake full of boaters and surrounded by people-watchers. A great spot to pass some time people watching, as you have hundreds of tourists, locals and just general office-people who want to sit outdoors and grab a bite to eat in their lunch hour. The zoo is also situated in the park, but at the other end, so if you're going to the zoo then you can kill two birds with one stone by hiring a boat, having a picnic then completing the afternoon animal hunting and zoo exploring. There is a huge mammoth in the park too - but you need to fight to have your photo with it as everyone kind of stands around with no IDEA how to queue. Every man for themselves!

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  1. I’m going to Barcelona in 25 days- can you tell I’m excited!! So this post was perfect!! Defo going to all of these places. X

    Kate// itskaterose.com

  2. The best of Barcelona foods can be found at the Markets, not only La Boqueria. Check this and enjoy Barcelona! its a great city


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