Food for one? Healthy Chicken fajita pasta recipe

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As someone that currently lives without my mum and dad, I am to cook by myself. I actually feel like a student again, not having my mum call me down the stairs for dinner. Although, I never really cooked throughout uni either - I would simply throw stir-fry into a wok or cut up a potato and make wedges with a seasoned chicken breast.This is the year that I have promised that I am going to start actually cooking more using recipes and adjusting them to my acquired tastes. I have promised myself that this year will be the year that I stop using jarred pasta sauces, curries etc and make my own from scratch - somehow without burning every single pan in the house, which is what I usually do.

I thought I would start with something easy, considering I am pretty new to this whole cooking thing. Pasta is pretty easy, right? As a student, I never really ate pasta - I kind of break the stereotype for pasta and bean loving student when I don't even like beans either. I can easily count how many times I ate pasta throughout my entire three years the amount of times I ate pasta that weren't in a Tesco meal deal. The times that I did eat pasta were when I had a jar of sauce waiting to be demolished in the cupboard. Not today sunshine! Today, I went to work, the gym and decided to cook straight away. Here is what I decided to go for!

I found this little number on Pinterest, called One Pan Chicken Fajita Pasta which I thought looked good enough, and combined my favourite Mexican grub with some whole wheat pasta.

What you need
1 x handful of onions, peppers, sweetcorn
1 x chicken breast
garlic (I buy frozen garlic and used a small handful)
fajita seasoning
chicken stock cubes
300g passata
whole wheat pasta

What to do

1. Add the chicken to the pan in small strips so that it cooks faster - put the heat medium-ish. Sprinkle the fajita mix over the chicken - I used quite a lot of fajita mix, while the Pinterest link says half a packet for 4 people, I used a whole packet for just little me. 

2. When the chicken turns from pink to white on all sides, sprinkle as much fajita seasoning as you want over it. Go nuts!!!!!!!!

3. Add garlic and onions to the pan (I kind of cheat when it comes to these, I always buy the frozen onions so that I don't cry when I cut them and today I opted to buy frozen garlic, oops!). Leave these to cook for 5 minutes whilst stirring everything in the pan.

4, Next comes the peppers and sweetcorn - I didn't leave mine in for too long, maybe for like 2 minutes.

5, Nearly there - you need to add the saucy bits to the pan now, but first you need to put your pasta on the stove. Grab your kettle, boil some water, throw it in a saucepan with as much pasta as you want. I personally always cook too much by mistake (I still eat it but I could definitely do with a lot less) so maybe try a big handful. Leave the pasta to boil in the water for 10 minutes, try a piece to see if it is squishy enough.

6. 5-minutes after putting in the pasta, throw in about 300g of passata. Thankfully this doesn't need cooking, just needs heating up with the rest of the ingredients so you aren't eating cold sauces. 

7. Add half a cup of boiling water with a chicken stock cube dissolved in and mix it into the pan. The sauce should be hot and looking delicious!

8. Next, rinse the water out from the saucepan that the pasta has been cooking in and put in a bowl. Shower the pasta with scrumptious fajita sauce from the pan and voila! You have the simple fajita pasta meal!

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