How to pack for a week's holiday with just hand luggage

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There is nothing I love more than waking up to emails from budget airlines saying they have reduced a load of flights to £5 each way. I usually end up hunting through pages of flight deals and then nagging each group chat into coming away with me .. it almost never works, but so far I am working on Cologne's Christmas market for a weekend in December. Wish me luck. Anyway, sometimes when these airlines release cheap seats, it almost never includes luggage, meaning you need to travel light with baggage costs or pay up to triple the flight price to add a suitcase.

I often only travel with hand luggage with these deals, which can often be pretty annoying, but hey, at least I don't have to wait an extra twenty minutes post-flight to wait for my suitcase. If you are wondering how a 22 year old girl manages to pack everything in hand luggage for a week to Spain, then don't worry let me tell you. In all fairness, I am pretty low maintenance - my hair dries naturally, I only take away small bits of make-up and I usually rely on hotels to share their towels with me.

Here is how I pack for a week in Spain, France, Portugal etc with just hand luggage..

Reuse old bottles
Lets not pretend that you haven't once brought home a hotel's shampoo before. We have all had our Ross from Friends moment and taken home everything that the hotel 'owes' us, and technically those free small bottles that came with the room are ours, right? The airport allowance is 100ml of liquid per bottle, so as long as you have a few Hilton shampoo bottles hanging around that are under 100ml, top them up with your shampoo and conditioner for your week away and there you have it.

Wear the heavy clothes on the plane
You may be charged for an extra seat on the flight for the few extra pounds, but it is worth it to save you paying for your luggage of course. I stand by always wearing trainers on the plane as they usually take up a lot of space in my bag. A LOT.  No matter what the weather in the UK as you board the plane, even if it is miraculously 35 degrees, throw on your denim jacket, jeans and other pieces of clothes that won't squeeze into a tiny light ball.

Get rid of the luxuries !!!!!! SOS !!!!!!!
It is so easy for me to say this because I am not the best when it comes to skin care - I literally take my entire day's face off with a wipe, which I have been told hundreds of time is a terrible skin care regime. I also tend to not carry around makeup in the day ( I can't even be bothered to do it once, never mind reapply it later). So, for me to tell you not to pack hair straighteners and to limit your makeup to foundation, mascara and an eyebrow pencil would be too easy. It is true though, do you really need 6 highlighters, a contour kit and 9 lip shades?

Take basic clothing colours - no patterns!
The more basic your clothes are - black tops, white tops, denim shorts - the more easy it will be to mix and max your outfits. Do you know what this means? It means you can wear a different outfit everyday but only pack 2 pairs of shorts and 4 tops. Wow, incredible what some pre-travel planning will do. A great app for this is Stylebook - you can literally upload your clothing items to the app and swipe to put outfits together. It helps you remember half of the clothes in your wardrobe that you probably forgot about!

Pack your heaviest items first and smallest items last!
Put your heavier items such as shoes and denim right at the bottom as they weigh the most. This will mean that your smaller and lighter items can be pushed right around the edges. Shove your knickers into your trainers too - that always kills some room! Towels I suggest that you lay out either on the bottom or on the top, as flat as possible and folded in the least amount of times as poss - if you have a microfibre towel, that is always better.

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