I did it - I ADULTED!

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After travelling for 6 weeks, I literally had 2 days to catch up on hours of much needed sleep, binge watch Coronation Street, see my boyfriend, consume a million calories of chocolate that I haven't been able to get in Thailand and oh yeah - pack up my room so that I could move out ready to start my actual real, adult job on Monday morning. God, I have no clue what I am doing, I have no idea how I have even got through the past 3-years of university without my mum and dad - HOW can I be about to start an adult life?

The city that I have relocated to is Gloucester, which isn't actually too far from home if I ever need to go back for an emergency (or an emergency night out). As a bonus, I lived in Cheltenham for the past 3 years too for university, so living just a 20 minute drive away from Chelts is useful as I still have some friends there and know the town centre to a tee. My new job is in Gloucester so it just seemed to be more convenient to move than to participate in late night drives when I will probably be so hungry that I will end up going 100mph down the M4.

My drive to Gloucester was my first 'big drive' on my own, even though it isn't actually that far. Thank god I have my sat-nav on my phone or I would have no idea which motorway to go on, when to get off etc etc etc! The best part about my sat-nav is that it managed to take me a way which avoided all of the traffic in Newport. To make that even better, I beat my mum and dad to the house which I was extremely smug about. I took great pride in calling them up asking where they were and to tell them that I skipped the traffic. Such a win!

The worst things about moving out? Ugh, having to buy my own food. When I am in my mum and dad's house, I could quite easily work my way through the cupboards until I am so full that I feel sick. Unfortunately because my snack runs now have to come out of my own bank account, the late-night snacking and the hunting for food isn't as common. 

What I do have though, is my independence back! Yeaaaaaaaaah man! My mum is a light sleeper and often around 11pm she comes into my room telling me to turn my TV down, which is more than often the Coronation Street theme tune. Thankfully, my housemates haven't actually told me to turn it off yet despite me desperately trying to play catch up with the past 30 episodes of the

Other than trying to get settled in my new home, I have a new job that I need to try and get settled in. My new role as a PR Executive for a specialist travel agency has meant that I suddenly need to up my game on 'all-things-work'. I have never really had first-day nerves for basic university jobs like bar-work as I always knew it was something that I would be dropping, but I definitely had first-day nerves for my new job. My legs were like jelly walking through the door. On the plus side, it is a very small company meaning there are only a couple of people in the office. This made my first few days a lot easier as it wasn't too overwhelming  - plus people are nice, which is always a massive bonus.

I just can't believe that I actually have to adult now - save money, maybe start buying some plants, knitting. I can no longer go out on weekday evenings and now the phrase of TGIF is going to enter my weekly vocabulary. I can't say that I am going to miss being able to sleep at 1am on weekdays and wake up at midday, but I am certainly excited to the next few months and to get into a routine. Cheers to that!

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