Visiting the UK's Smallest City

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Now that I work full-time in an office during weekdays, I felt as though I needed to do something productive with my weekend and definitely get my steps up on my pedometer. Although I am loving my new job, it bothers me to check my step count on my phone to see that I'm going to sleep after having done maximum 700 steps a day when my daily goal is 10,000 - getting my steps high actually make me feel like I am doing some sort of exercise, when realistically I am just walking to the fridge several times a day for some snacks. It is quite bad but I have definitely seen more of the world than my own country (FUN FACT: more Londoners have seen Paris more than any other UK city!). So this year, with the Megabus and National Express giving low cost deals to multiple U.K. Cities, I have absolutely promised myself that I will definitely take time to visit some more British cities - shopping, drinking and eating in places that are not chains!

My boyfriend's family own a caravan down West Wales, and what better place to take some brisk autumnal walks than the coastal beaches of Pembrokeshire. So this time, I didn't actually have to get the Megabus anywhere and instead hijacked a free lift and some company to explore the smallest city in the UK - St Davids. We parked in the car park and headed off to discover the little gem of a city. I didn't actually realise we had parked in the town centre, you could count the amount of shops on one hand - although they were all extremely cute little gift shops and boutiques. I really hated how there was a Barclays in the town centre - I get that everyone needs a bank, but my rule of 'no chains' stands in towns even when banks are concerned. The shop with the longest queue was of course the ice cream shop with the very many flavours, including my favourite bubblegum. Even the grey clouds and winds couldn't stop tourists from buying ice cream - such a treat when you visit a Welsh town!

The cathedral sits just metres from the small boutiques and several pubs in the town centre. Unfortunately we couldn't go in due to there being some sort of service on, but it was still nice to have a mooch around the outside and say hello to the very friendly locals. What I didn't expect to see, partly due to my lack of Welsh historical knowledge but also partly due to expecting there to literally be nothing in St Davids but some shops and a beach was the Medieval Bishop's Palace just next to the cathedral. Again, we didn't go inside but the view of the castle grounds was stunning and the palace itself was a nice, unexpected attraction we didn't expect to find.

Whilst the town centre is the heart of most cities, St Davids is home to a big beach that is surrounded by a beautiful coastal walk that we decided to take after our walk through the town centre. Whilst the city lacks in size, housing just 1,600 people, it certainly makes up for it with the friendly locals, a beautiful long beach and  St Davids seems to be a nice place to come in the peak of Summer because boutique are so many excursions that offer whale and dolphin watching, surfing, kayaking and more. You don't need to travel far for beauty and I am so lucky to have such nice beaches and adventures just a few hours away.

The coastal walk began through country lanes, walking single-file to dodge the few cars driving down to the parking area down below. The walk was full of animals such as this cute little dog who let me rub his fluffy face and cows that looked very unimpressed with my baby talk, ruining the quiet atmosphere - oops! We soon got to the coastal view, where numerous people were sitting on benches admiring the panoramic seascape. To get my boyfriend in any sort of selfie is usually a rare moment, so count this photo as lucky as you get to see his STUNNING little face. We are actually Joey and Chandler in London - me being tourist Joey and Adam being Chandler.

Although it started raining extremely heavily as soon as we step foot on the sand (typical), it didn't take away any of the beauty from the beach. It has definitely made me want to explore more of Wales and take different walks to see what scenic views, local foods and pretty beaches I can find!

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