5 lower calorie food swaps that actually taste the same (or better)

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God I really do hate to admit it but I am a calorie counter. I know it definitely isn't the most ideal way to lose weight but with the help of MyFitnessPal (because I can't do it myself lol), I manage to stay between 1100 and 1200 calories a day.  Of course, I have my off days where I just want to binge on a 1000 calorie tub of Gingerbread ice cream (yes - this happened this week), and I tend to ignore the calories on weekends. It's a part-time weekday thing. Weekends never count.

Since moving away from uni and living on my own whilst working a full-time grad job, it has been up to me to 'not get fat'. I used to be around 3-stone heavier and thankfully, it is now drilled in my mind how horrible it was for me to be that big, encouraging me not to eat the extra (pack of***) digestives. I have swapped a few of my everyday for items that have less calories in, which has worked in my favour as I can either have more of the food or use my calories elsewhere.

Please note: The one thing that I am absolutely not going to list on the list below is cauli rice - oh my god. I had it a few weeks ago with curry and it was vile, absolutely vile. I mean, each to their own and whilst at the time I was amazed that entire packet of cauli rice had just 30 calories, the fact that it tasted like utter utter crap made me want to stick to my normal 100 bag. Whilst the fact that it was so low calorie impressed me and I thought it was fabulous, I can promise you that I will never be buying it again. If you have tried it however and love it, then good for you, you have an extra 70-or-so calories to play with.

Here are a few of the items that I swap each day to save me some calories that probably taste exactly the same.

Swapping semi-skimmed milk for unsweetened almond milk
(48 calories V 13 calories per 100ml)

Most people associate almond milk, soya milk etc with lactose intolerant folks or vegans. I can't remember the last time that I had semi-skimmed milk because almond milk tastes exactly the same and it makes me feel incredibly less guilty when I am hungover and decide to drink a million cups of tea.

Swapping pasta for spaghetti squash
(158 calories V 47 calories per 100g)

Ok so nothing tastes as good as normal pasta, so my caption may have been a bit of a lie. But if you're like me and you smother your pasta in delicious tomatoey and cheesy sauce, then you will literally not notice the difference. In fact, it adds that extra crunch to the meal which is always great. A great switch if you're having a bad day and fancy an extra load of 'carbs' - it'll trick you into thinking you're indulging in beige foods.

Swapping white bread for white sandwich thins
(89 calories per slice V 50 calories per slice)

This is an absolute great find by my mum, and I haven't gone back since. I am such a go-to bread girl; nothing beats a ham sandwich or a piece of toast in the morning. The sandwich thins come as a sandwich already, but without the filling if that makes absolutely any sense at all - basically just a piece of bread that has been cut in half width ways I guess, I have never really thought about it that way. Anyway, if it saves me 50 calories, then I am down, so instead of grabbing two pieces of bread for 190 kcals to take to work with me, I just grab a thin and take that as a replacement.

Swapping olive oil for Fry Light spray
(119 calories V 1 calorie per tbsp/spray)

I haven't used olive oil for a good 5+ years, neither have my family. Fry Light is honestly the go-to for smothering the pan in oil. As it is a spray rather than free-pour, you end up using a lot less oil than you would olive. This firstly makes your food less greasy, and secondly, lowers the overall calorie intake of your meal. Who'd have thought that a tiny teaspoon of oil had so many calories in?

Swapping sausages for  Heck's chicken sausages
(250 calories per two sausages V 99 calories per two sausages)

Another great find by my mum, although twice the price of buying a big bag of Richmond sausages in Iceland which is super annoying. Whilst Richmond sausages are key to probably any fry-up, try swapping them with two of Heck's chicken sausages instead to save a whopping 150 calories. You can even get a couple of unique flavours too; my personal favourite being tomato and mozzarella. I have used these for a sausage casserole, which turned out to be delicious - although, these sausages are a little thinner than the normal (which explains the half calories, I guess)

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  1. I'm not vegan but I like drinking almond milk because I make a lot of acai bowls and it tastes awesome blended up in those!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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