Dear hoarders .. this is how to spring clean your cupboards

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I am guilty, guilty of hoarding things that I haven’t worn in years. I may still have a size 18 tshirt somewhere in my cupboard just ‘in case’ I happen to fit back into it (trust me, it won’t take me long to gain the 3 dress sizes that I lost the way I am going). I am sure most of us have bought a dress that was in the sale because it will ‘become useful sometime’ but instead, it has just sat at the back of the wardrobe catching dust.

Fashions change, opinions change and sizing changes; there is no way that you need to keep everything in your wardrobe for another year when you didn’t even wear it this year. I think it is time to have a bit of a clear-out. Put it this way, the more you clear-out, the more space you will have for things that you can actually go out and buy – things you will actually use.
It is never easy, getting rid of stuff that was once a big part of your life. I understand, I have been there. But here are a few of my tips that you probably could follow to clear-out your wardrobe.
My Coathanger Trick
In my wardrobe every 6-months or so, I tend to turn all of my coat hangers the same way. They are all placed in my wardrobe with the silver hangy-bit facing the wall – no this isn’t a weird OCD, this is a good trick to help you decide what to get rid of. Every time I take something out to wear, once I wash it and put it back, I turn the silver bit around the other way, so that it is obvious to me that I have worn it. Does this make sense? Basically, by the end of the time period of 6-months or a year or whatever time frame you want to set yourself, everything that has a coat hanger still in the same position as when you started can go in a big black bag ready to get rid of. This is a good way to prove to yourself that you literally haven’t worn something in a very long time, rather than you getting to a clear-out day wondering when the last time you wore something was.
This is a great app for girls in their late-teens and twenties to sell stuff. Way better than eBay if you ask me, and a lot better stuff. You can sell anything and the way that it works is – you take a photo on your smartphone, upload it with a quick description and then it is visible to everyone in the UK. You can set your options to pick-up only, where you don’t charge your buyer for postage but they will have to collect it, or delivery where Depop has set charges for each item. Always start your price low, as people can offer you a lower amount if they do not think that it is worth it. For example, I advertised a YSL jacket for £20 and it went straight away (they are about £200+ in shops). I definitely could have started higher and haggled with my buyers – oh well, at least I haven’t got the jacket anymore and I have made money off something I never wore. Put this money in a fund to go on a shopping spree to build your wardrobe back up! It is great for people in a rush to sell.
Swap Sale
Do you have any friends that are your size? Why don’t you see if they have anything that they don’t wear anymore but you absolutely adore? You can always swap them with something that you no longer wear – this is great if you are a ‘I don’t wear an outfit more than once’ kind of girl. This is always great for bags and shoes too – most girls have so many bags that they cannot keep count of them all (including me, bags are my weakness) so asking a mate to do you a bag trade for something that they don’t even use would be like asking for a hair bobble from a pack of 100. Although, make sure that you aren’t swapping for the sake of it – then you will just be back to phase 1.
Cash for Clothes

We have all seen a big ‘CASH 4 CLOTHES’ sign in the area – if not, Google your local and get a few black bags ready to take down to earn some quick cash. The last time I went down there, I didn’t get much at all, maybe £8 for an entire black bag that was full of old playsuits that I would wear on nights out, jumpsuits with the tags on etc, which really broke my heart. However, a few years ago I took my primary school uniform down there with a load of crappy t-shirts, and they still gave me the money. Beware, some can be really fussy and check for holes and stains, and will just hand it back to you. So try and use Depop first to get rid of the good stuff, then throw everything that doesn’t sell in a matter of weeks in a black bag ready for the nice man down CASH 4 CLOTHES to weigh and sort through your stuff. 

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