The PERFECT 3-day Berlin Itinerary

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Berlin is officially my new favourite European city - it even replaced Amsterdam and I honestly thought that Amsterdam was going to always have my heart. In all fairness, whilst the UK were having Storm Ophelia, we did have 23 degree sunshine so that absolutely helped. Who'd have thought it - sunburn in October in the middle of Germany. My boyfriend and I managed to see all of the main tourist spots in the first day - thanks to me waking him up early and returning with the balls of our feet aching to death.We stayed in a lovely hotel though, the Steigenberger, literally about a 10 second walk from Berlin Central Station which was useful. The fact that it was 5* and had a spa and wellness area (we didn't use the gym.. obviously) really helped us recover at the end of the day ready for the next.

When I want to see all of the sights, I tend to walk back and forth and often going around in circles, I can never do things in order. Sometimes there are sights north, then east then south and you just tend to be doing each one at different points. I have created the perfect 3-day Berlin itinerary that will ensure you get the most from your trip without doing laps of the city.

Day 1

Wake up early and head over to the Reichstag. You probably won't be able to get in there today because you have to book in advance, but it should be okay for the next day or even the day after. Oh, and remember to bring your ID at the time of booking because they ask for it at the counter so that you can use it again at the time of entry. From here, head over to the Memorial of the Murdered Jews of Europe which is a memorising display of raised concrete slabs. You'll have to pass the Brandenburg Gates, which is an unmissable 12-pillared gate that symbolises peace and unity and has been renovated between 2000 and 2002 (costing 6 million Euros). However, this is the centre to all attractions, so don't get too caught up in it now.

From here, definitely head over to the German Spy Museum - a great little museum that shows different ways that the German's spied on their enemies. From putting maps inside playing cards, to using prostitutes to gather secrets after they 'did their job'. Plus, there is a great laser escape at the end of the museum, where you climb over and squeeze through lasers to get to the end of the route. It is harder than it sounds, and no, I didn't complete it embarrassingly. Following on from this, just around the corner is the Topography of Terror Museum, a museum of documents between special forces and Hitler throughout the Nazi Period. It will take about an hour to go around here.

Onto the next point - Checkpoint Charlie.  This was the passing point between East and West Berlin during the Cold War, when it was illegal to go to the other side without permission. It is now on display as a museum. Wander over to Konzerthaus Berlin, in Gendarmanmarkt Square, where there are a hell of a lot of good lunch spots. Unfortunately we didn't stop here but everywhere looked delicious. 

You can start heading back towards the main street, Unter den Linden, where you can stroll back towards the gates, whilst stopping at the Berlin Cathedral and the City Palace, wandering back towards the Brandenburg Gates where you can stop and take a couple more pictures.

We had completed this all pretty quick, as we woke up earlier, giving us free time to explore the area and visit a couple of shops too, so it would be good to spend any more free time getting to know the area. 

Day 2

Whilst we got most of the obvious tourism spots out of the way on the first day, one place that I was determine to go to was Sachenhausen Concentration Camp, which of course was used from 1936-1945 to kill political prisoners. To get there, you will need to find a train to Oranienburg, a small town just north of Berlin. If you Google your nearest station (ours was Central) then it should tell you. The train takes about half an hour.

The museums are closed one day a month, the first Monday of each month (of-course, this is the day that we decided to visit..). However, the camp is still open. A tour guide would be the best option here to take you around the camp - full of facts and knowledge. There is also an audio-guide available so that you aren't walking around completely aimlessly.

Sachenhausen Concentration Camp

We ended up getting back to Berlin about 2pm, and that is without the tour and having museums open. This is a full day out, especially if the museums are open so don't dedicate your afternoon to doing much else. 

Day 3

Start by getting an S metro to East Side Gallery, a 1316m section of the Berlin Wall that symbolises freedom. Unfortunately it is a bit of a walk from the centre which is why I suggest getting a metro. If you're feeling like you could do with a good walk, then go for it. Either get the U metro to the Berlin Wall or you're looking at a good one-hour plus walk. The memorial was built in 1998 and is a good sculpture that symbolises the division that took place in the Cold War. 

Take a stroll down to Alexanderplatz from here (about 30 mins) to find a good lunch spot. If you feel like you want lunch with a view, head into TV Tower (Fernsehturm) that has (fairly pricey) lunch deals. If you don't fancy having lunch in there, then it is worth heading inside the tallest building in the EU just for a quick observation of the entire of Berlin from that height.

Drinks with a view at Fernsehtum

The street down near the canal is where all of the art galleries and museums are. Whilst we didn't tend to visit any of the museums, as (sorry) but I am not that interested in art, I have heard that they are great for those interested in sculptures and paintings. I have heard that the Pergamon Museum is great, but here is a list of The Guardian's top museums in Berlin if you need further help..

And now you have completed all of the main sights in Berlin! One of my favourite cities by far - clean, friendly people and just an overall nice vibe. Jealous of anyone that gets to do the above. There is nothing that I love more than a European weekend break (even though my boyfriend hates them as he doesn't think they're relaxing..) and I cannot wait until my next one!

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