16 productive things to do in your pyjamas

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*Warning, yet another listicle blog from me* 

Ugh it really is that time of year where you really don't want to escape your comfy pyjamas before 2pm, yet you also don't want to feel like a complete slob wasting your only two days off - am I right? The first thing I always do when I come home from work is get changed, without a doubt. People that wear jeans and office wear to relax in are absolutely crazy - not normal, throw some leggings or PJ bottoms on.

Since starting my new job as a PR consultant working 9-5.30, I really do value my weekends more. I have had an argument with my boyfriend because I hate staying in the house watching TV when all he wants to do is stay in bed and watch TV until midday. I am happy to lounge about in my pyjamas on a Saturday, even more a Sunday, as long as there is something for me to do - so that I don't feel like I am completely wasting my weekend.

I have come up with a little list of things that I can get done over winter without having to get changed out of my fluffy pink pyjamas, or even better, my Christmas joggers that will make me feel ever so productive.

Productivity doesn't necessarily mean getting shizz done, it could also mean investing in your well-being and loving yourself FYI.

16 productive things to do whilst slobbing out in your PJS

1. Start a blog/continue blogging - It started off being really embarrassing, setting up a blog throughout my degree but as someone who loves writing and finding out about new things, it is something great to do. Find your biggest interest and get cracking - plus, you may even get invited to some cool events or get sent some funky items to test out!

2. Look up new recipes and bake/cook - I am a terrible cook. No that is wrong, I am not terrible I just don't know how to do anything. Starting off with simple things each Sunday, for example a chocolate cake firstly that will take delicious and then start preparing pies and meals for throughout the week. Baking and cooking can be fun, especially when you have some banging beats playing in the kitchen!

3. Put together a meal plan for the week - This is super useful for when you go and do your next food shop - you won't end up buying different bunches of things that doesn't go but instead, you will be able to go in with your meal plan picking up the exact items for it. Plus, it is a good way to see how balanced your diet is when it is all written in front of you!

4. Have a spring clean of your clothes - I actually love cleaning my wardrobe out just because it means making room for new stuff. If you are a hoarder and are struggling on ways to throw things out, then check out my previous blog here that has some very useful advice.

5. Clear out 'those drawers' that are full of junk - Everyone has 'those drawers'. The kind of drawers where stuff goes that doesn't belong anywhere else. Why not have a drawer clearout? Get rid of all the bits and bobs that you haven't used in the past few months and make room for even more crap. Goals!

6. Read a book - I personally find it hard finding a good book, and often I am worried I will buy one and hate it. I joined Kindle Unlimited a few months ago for £7 a month (I have quit now, but it was good at the time) which allowed me to download and read as many books as possible. I read a few history books, romantic books and the ones that I didn't like I just returned.

7. Use YouTube to get involved in a yoga/meditation class - Personally I have never done this (hypocrite) but I have followed Joe Wick's HIIT workouts, which are basically the same just a bit more sweaty. By doing meditation instead, your pyjamas won't get sweaty and you won't need to rush to the shower straight away!

8. Make a list of new places to eat - I do this all the time - new places to eat, new places to have coffee etc. As most people know, I am very anti-chain when I can be and love eating at new cool independent shops. Every time a new place opens, write it down and cross it out when you've been there!

9. Have a pamper day - Face mask, nails, cucumber on the eyes - go the whole boat out. You will feel so much better after it, almost like a NEW woman. Plus, there is nothing worse than having dried out skin, bad nails all at once (story of my life).

10. Update your photo wall - If you are in university, guaranteed you have a few photos on your wall. Buy some new ones and create a cool new design on your wall - add some new pics, add some fairy lights, add some memories - even a quote or two for some inspo!

11. Unsubscribe from annoying newsletters - I did this and I am SO THANKFUL for it. There are certain websites that you can use to stop your email address receiving loads of junk mail. I now wake up with no more than three emails and it is an absolute dream!

12. Create a new Spotify car playlist - Something I desperately need to do for my weekend drives from Gloucester to Cardiff. I love having some fresh music, even if its music from the 90s that I completely forgot about or haven't heard in ages. A good track rotation is what you need - switching from 90s to 00s and vice versa!

13. Clean your room/bathroom - Every house should be clean - so why not use your Saturday to scrub the house. Dust places that you often miss, and give your room a good hoover. Get some candles and some incense sticks and you will have the perfect room environment!

14. Learn a language - I started learning French a few weeks ago on Duo Lingo - it didn't go well and I have already given up. However, if you have the patience, learning a new language is a great idea and a great way to spend your day. Something to add to the CV too!

15. Create a scrapbook/mood board - If you are someone who has hoarded concert tickets, theme park tickets, photos, leaflets, birthday cards then finally put it to good use and make a scrapbook. It'll be great to go through in a few years and a fab way to clear our your hoarding cupboard - if it isn't good enough for the scrap book then it isn't good enough to keep!

16. Update your LinkedIn/CV - You never know when a good opportunity is going to come along with a strict deadline which is why having an up to date CV is always good to have. Maybe even spend your day looking for jobs or volunteering opportunities nearby!

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