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Firstly, I have not been paid for this post, I just cannot get over how much I have earned by following the three below steps which is why I want to share it with you. I first heard about this from Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert often seen on ITV and This Morning. This little tool will allow you to earn a % of cashback back on most of your online shopping. Sounds a bit unbelievable right? Read below to see why they do it.

For the last two or so years, I have been using a website called Top Cashback, which you can access by clicking that link. It is so easy to use and eventually, you will never be without it. In my first year of using it, I saved a whopping £210. I was actually stunned considering I saved all of that money on stuff that I would have bought anyway. I always tend to earn more over Christmas, where I am buying gifts and even sale shopping on Boxing Day which is why I thought now would be a good time to share it with you.

How does it work?

Top Cashback works as an advertising website. It redirects you to the shop's website using the cookies that tell the shop 'Top Cashback' sent you here. The shops pay Top Cashback, perhaps, 10%, as a thank you for marketing their website and then Top Cashback pay us some of that percentage when we buy something. It works as a form of advertising, so Top Cashback get paid for advertising products are stores, and kindly share their earnings with us. Some stores may only pay out the odd percent, for example, I know TUI the holiday providers pay 3%, but this is still an easy £50 when booking a holiday for you and a partner.

How do I do it?

The simple version is Sign up here > Search for the shop on Top Cashback > it will redirect you > buy something > money goes into your account.

Of course that may not have made any sense at all, so here is how to do it with print screens, just to make it that little bit easier.

Step 1 - Sign up using this link here. CLICK ME. 

Step 2 - Once you have signed up  - you are ready to go! I am going to use MissGuided as an example, because they are one of the merchants that I use the most. To start, head back to the main TopCashback website (sign in if they have kicked you out) and search for MissGuided (or any shop..) in the search bar at the top. See below, notice how they come up first, click them and it will take you to the searches.

Step 3 - Obviously click the merchant you want, in this case, MissGuided, and it will take you to their TopCashback page like the image below. I guess that it is pretty self-explanatory from here - click the big pink 'GET CASHBACK NOW' button and it will literally take you to MissGuided's webpage.

That is literally it, then you just shop like normal. Although the URL doesn't say TopCashback, the cookies have recorded your redirected visit, so when you buy something, MissGuided pay TopCashback and then Top Cashback pay you. Easy!

How much will I get back?

It all depends on the retailer. As you can see above, some shops pay you more if you have never shopped with them before, whereas others pay equal amounts for everything. Some things have a low percentage, but it all adds up in the end. This year I have only earned about £97, but that is better than nothing, and it is definitely going towards this year's Christmas shopping.

Sign up with my referral link here to start earning money back on your Christmas shopping: 

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  1. I love this I've only just started using top cash back and can't believe you get paid to shop as normal!


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