Coffee shop & brunch spot review: Stag Coffee in Cardiff

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It was my birthday and I was hungover, so were my three friends who had come down to celebrate with me. I am not the best with brunch spots in Cardiff for some weird reason, so after having a Google and reading a couple of reviews, we decided to hit Stag coffee. 

You know what is is like when your friends come down, you don't want to disappoint and you don't want them to have a crap time, so I constantly mentioned 'guys I haven't been here so I don't know what it is like' just in case it really didn't live up to the reviews and the TripAdvisor comments.

Anyway, the queue when we arrived said it all. There were groups of students and edgy-looking people hanging about outside who we rudely barged past - turns out they were looking for a table too. Who'd have thought this tiny little coffee shop on Crwys Road would be just that busy. The vibe was very relaxing - stag wallpaper, stag lampshades and stag lampshades hanging around - it really lives up to its name.

We were asked if we all wanted to squeeze onto a table for 3, which at this point was perfectly fine because I was hungover, hangry and quite frankly really couldn't be bothered waiting. Plus, the table fitted our breakfast perfectly fine when it eventually arrived.

We were quick to be given menus, from the staff who were super nice and chilled. These menus were overwhelming, it was near impossible to actually pick what we wanted. Oh, and this isn't even the food yet, just drinks.You have your hot drinks, including a really large range of teas, flavoured lattes and then your colds, which is where I struggled. So you your standard cans, including my favourite San Pellegrino and even cream soda, which I swear nobody served. Then, you have GINGERBREAD milkshakes on offer! I repeat, gingerbread milkshakes! Of course, I ordered this and it was divine, even came with a mini ginger man hanging out of the squirty cream on top. Other options included your basic b*tch flavours - strawberry, banana, vanilla, hazelnut.

We went at a time where both a breakfast would've been suitable and so would a nice lunch - but nothing kicks a hangover like a cooked breakfast does. Although, we did have the classic millennial'ss choice of smashed avocado and even smashed banana. Ugh, admittedly we had to wait 50 minutes for our food, which was painful watching everyone's massive sandwiches come out and their burgers and their breakfasts. This only makes you question; what if mine isn't as good as that? Damn, should I have got a sandwich? That bread looks so thick I definitely should have got the sandwich. Oh there is a breakfast, no maybe I made the right choice.

Well our breakfast eventually arrived, and they were incredibly apologetic about the wait. Which they should've been as I was hangry, grumpy and had the worst headache at this point. But hot damn it was worth the wait.

Look how good it all looks in the photo above! None of us, despite wanting to because it was all so delicious, could finish the meal. Two thick sausages, some thick-ass bacon and yes, what you can see on our plates are three hash browns. THREE. In all fairness, I think I had to swap a tomato for this, but honestly lets be honest what would you rather.

We had to pay for our food and drinks at the till rather than them bringing the bill to us, which was all fine, we aren't that lazy, the only issue was that there was an array of the Stag's delicious cake options that were absolutely massive. I didn't ask how much they were but they looked awesome.

Thankfully, I didn't end up taking my friends to a terrible place, it was far from it and everyone seemed to enjoy the boho vibe, the student atmosphere and the food.

I will definitely be returning for their lunch menu as their sandwiches and burgers looked amazing! Officially my new fave brunch spot!

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