The ultimate Gili T travel guide

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White beaches. Check. Turquoise clear seas. Check. Paradise. Check.

Only becoming known to tourists, especially backpackers, since the late 90s, Gili T is the largest of the three Gili Islands yet still only has a population of around 800 people. A lot of people that we spoke to who seemed to work on the island caught a boat there and back each morning/evening from Lombok, which seemed pretty nuts to me considering I can barely even be bothered to travel to work that is 15 minutes away. I guess there is no traffic if you catch a boat, which is always a bonus.
As soon as you get off the boat, don't even bother looking for a taxi because the island is completely car free. Everything should pretty much be walking distance - hostels, restaurants etc, unless you've gone for a really luxurious stay as the honeymoon hotels and amazing locations are all around the other side. Still though, no more than a 40 minute walk. Please don't get a horse and cart to the hotel, I personally think it is cruel and horses shouldn't be made to carry luggage, people and the weight of their carts in 30 degree heat.

Gili T makes me feel incredibly jealous of anyone from that side of the world - a short flight to paradise. The seas are actually see-through, you can see the fish swimming amongst your feet and the sand is golden. It really is like a digital-short on Facebook - picturesque.

Here is a short travel guide that I have created about Gili Trawangan and what you should expect!
The Language
Everyone seems to speak some level of English, as they know about 99% of Gili T visitors are tourists rather than people that travel over from Indonesia's mainland. The native language, however, is Indonesian which has a unique dialect in the Gili Islands.
The Currency
It was a difficult one to work out and I never really did grasp the hang of it. The currency at this moment, I am sure it will change tomorrow so I really don't know why I am writing this, is 17,829 rupiah (shortened to Rp) to every £1. Personally, I would keep a note on your phone with how much things are worth and some handy maths. For example, write down £1, £5, £10 and £20 on your phone with the correct amount next to it.
Getting Cash Out
Restaurant on the beach
Gili T are still a little bit behind with just a couple of ATMs around the front. They aren't always available 24 hours, there were some nights when every single ATM was switched off late at night which is slightly inconvenient. Try and bring cash over from Bali as cash is king here and not everywhere accepts card. There is also a fee on card payments, usually 3%, the same as withdrawals. So when you withdraw cash, withdraw a larger amount to save you repeatedly paying the withdrawal fee.

The weather here is what makes this island so idyllic. Each day is around 32 degrees and the beach is never empty. There is a reason why people from Australia travel here often. The rainy season is between November and April, although it really isn't as much as Bali. July to August and December to January are Gili T's peak seasons, but they will definitely be packed.


Sunset swinging

Despite Gili T being a small island, there is certainly loads to do - you won't get bored. There are a couple of scuba diving places around the front as well as the option to go snorkelling. I went snorkelling and had a great time - the seas are so clear that this is the perfect opportunity. Gili T is known more as the party island than the other Gili islands, so there are always options to go out and visit some of the clubs too. Explore around the island near sunset and get that perfect, iconic swinging picture, as seen above. There are a load of swings to choose from but beware, there can sometimes be queues.

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