The 5 BEST Free Things to do in Vegas

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So you're in Vegas, you went with a large amount of spending money for all of the fun events, but you managed to put it all on black when it should've been red in Caesar's Palace. We get it, we have all been there - gotten a little too carried away thinking we are Barry Big Bollocks when realistically we are going to just cry about our actions for the next couple of days.

I visited Vegas in January and had a great time, and whilst we ended up spending a couple of grand on the card (not on betting may I add, but on food, activities, drinks etc, we found the city very expensive), we also managed to find some fun, free activities that are a favourite amongst visitors, and part of their 'must-do' itineraries.

Take a look at some of the best fun, free things to do in Vegas:

The Fountains of Bellagio
One of the most iconic attractions in Vegas with new music added every couple of weeks and funky new water fountain shows. It is actually magical to watch - who would have thought that a water fountain playing to the tunes of Singing in the Rain would create such a great memory for me? Definitely worth a visit - the show takes place every 15 minutes between 8pm and midnight, which is when I think the best time to go is, or every 1/2 hour between 3pm and 8pm.

The Volcano at The Mirage
Packed with fireballs (that are actually ridiculously hot), huge explosions and even a soundtrack from The Grateful Dead's Mickey Hart and Indian table sensation, Zakir Hussain. I honestly think I broke a sweat by standing too close to the front so by top tip would be to stand a little bit further back, plus you will be able to see more then too!

The Vegas Sign
The Vegas Sign is as cheesy and touristy as it gets, and I love everything about it. Whilst the iconic photo is definitely a must whilst in Vegas, it is a little bit of a walk and nobody would blame you if you got a bus, yet the walk is all the fun! Head past Luxor and down the street, passing a few chapels on the way of course, and even another Vegas sign that is less popular, and resembles the Hollywood sign a little more. After the unfortunate events that took place in October,  the sign was covered in flowers and bouquets that both tourists and locals had left.

The Fall of Atlantis at Caesar's Palace
In all fairness, I was quite oblivious to actually what this was until I saw it, despite its many references on classic TV shows like Friends. The newly revamped Fall of Atlantis show is fab, talking statues, more real fire, great graphics and cool movements are all included in the recreation of the story of Atlantis. Plus, there is even a 50,000-gallon aquarium just behind the show and there were definitely sting-rays in there from my recollection. You never know, you may spot something else!

World's Largest Circus at Circus Circus
It is without a doubt that when you manage to perform in Vegas that you have definitely made it as a star - Britney, JLo, Celine Dion etc etc. However, these circus kids blew me away - there were definitely some death-defying stunts going on (do not try at home, or if you do, get a camera ready to make some money on You've Been Framed). Visit Circus Circus to watch highwire trapeze artists and freakishly flexible folk do their day job all day. Plus, it is the world's largest permanent circus! Who knew!

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