My 2018 travel wishlist

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Ugh, wish 2017 coming to an end it has given me time to reflect on all of the great places that I have been this year; Rome, Vegas, Madrid, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and even the funky UK town, Edinburgh has been ticked off my to-do list. Not bad for a student that is supposed to have no money and lives on beans on toast everyday.

I have a new mission to try out new countries rather than visiting my favourites over and over again (sorry, Amsterdam) so that I can complete 30 countries by 30 years old. I keep trying to figure out how many countries I have been to, but every time I work it out, I get lost - each quiz online says that I have been between 22-24, depending on how many countries they are including in their quiz and how many they have forgot to put in.

As a working girl now, with limited holiday, I actually have to plan my locations carefully, and I won't be visiting as many countries as last year as I am trying to save for a house, save for food so that I don't starve and have to stay in the country for at least some of 2018 so that I can work. I keep nagging Adam, my boyfriend, to book his holiday in May/June before the rest of his workmates do so that we can go to Mexico, our first port of call. Has he done it? Of course not. Do I need to ask him weekly? Yes, and even then he won't do it.

Here is my 2018 wishlist for 5 new countries that I want to visit and explore, to understand the culture, history, do some sightseeing and perhaps lay on a beach or two. Everyone needs to escape the UK once in a while, right?

Of course the main reason for visiting Krakow in Poland is to visit the concentration camp, Auschwitz. Whilst I know that the tour will be incredibly distressing, and unbelievably emotional, I am excited to gain more of an understanding of what happened throughout the Third Reich. I had an A in my Nazi module just four years ago, and even the basic facts of what had gone on gripped me as it was so shocking. On a lighter note, I also hope to visit some of the main sights in Krakow such as visit Market Square, St Mary's Basilica and Wawel Castle. Not to mention eat and drink my way through the three days - if I come back less than 5 pounds heavier, I have done Poland wrong.

Photo credit: Emily's Guide to Krakow

Every year I have been looking at Croatia and every year, it gets more expensive. With the Euro and Pound said to be one-to-one next year, it seems dumb to spend more than a couple of days in Europe this year, so bye-bye Spain and hello cool new countries. Last year when I looked at going, I dedicated my holiday-hunting time to Split and Dubrovnik, which is probably what I would do this year too. Other than spending time on Croatia's beautiful beaches catching a tan, I would definitely visit Plitvice Lakes' falls, to get a cool gram under the water.

Photo credit: Intrepid Travel

In regards to Europe, in order to complete 'as many countries as possible' I said a few months ago that it would be best to start left and work my way right, which is why Belgium has been added to my list. I am very torn between visiting Brussels or Bruges, but I think my mind is heading more towards Bruges after watching The Apprentice a couple of weeks ago. Of course my first thing to do would be to visit the Chocolate Museum but I would love to visit the Historic Centre of Brugge and The Market.

Photo credit:

I need a long-haul summer destination with lovely beaches and delicious food, which is where Mexico comes in. I have been quite vague looking at holidays in Mexico recently, some days I search for Cancun, others the Riviera Maya. Whilst I understand that each part of Mexico is different, different foods, cultures, beaches etc, I want a good starting point as I can always come back and explore of the country in future. So far, my mind is heading towards Playa del Carmen, whilst it is incredibly touristy, the hotels look amazing and the beaches are on another level.

Photo credit: Playa del Carmen 

Another city break, but in all fairness I have said that I will go here for the past three years. I have dedicated this trip to my bestie, so I can't really go with anyone else but her because other wise she would probably cry. Hopefully when we have a date that suits both of us, and both have money we will finally be able to commit to our promise that happened three years ago and jet off to the Czech Republic.

Photo credit: Nomadic Matt

I would love to hear of any hints and tips about the above places. Some great unique things to do would be really helpful!

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  1. I can definitely recommended Bruges! It has such a nice vibe and the buildings are absolutely stunning. We took a horse drawn carriage tour of the city. Would love to go again.


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