8 Travel resolutions for 2018 that barely involve travelling

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"Eat less chocolate", I said.
"Eat more healthy", I said.
"Do more exercise", I said.
"Eat less bread", I said.

The above statements are several comments I have made before 2018 kick started that I either never began, or failed within a couple of days. Something that I have actually promised myself to stick to is my 2018 travel resolutions list - these are points that do not necessarily involve places that I want to visit this year. That blog has already been done and can be visited by clicking here. This blog focuses on how I can maximise my travel experience through 2018, growing my knowledge and creating incredible memories.

Pick new places in your city to try out
Whilst Starbucks and Costa are really great, nothing beats finding a kickass independent coffee shop that nobody in the world will be able to try unless they visit your hometown. As we all know, I try and avoid chains if I can when it is my turn to pick somewhere to eat - but of course, the obligatory Spoons on a hangover or the Harvester all-you-can-eat-salad is sometimes just what you need. I have made it my mission to visit as many of Cardiff's wonderful independent restaurants and coffee shops as possible throughout 2018 to see what places are on offer. I have already began by visiting Waterloo Tea Gardens and Parc Pantry (Newport not Cardiff) and both were delicious.

Stag Coffee in Cardiff

Discover new places in your country
As embarrassing as it is, I barely know any of Wales' beautiful places. I have helped out with the PR for South West Wales as a tourist destination, and not only had I never heard of any of the places but I could barely pronounce them. My mission is to explore more of Wales on weekends - when it gets that little bit warmer, I want to climb Pen-Y-Fan and during summer, when me and my boyfriend take weekend trips to his caravan in Haverfordwest, to take day trips to surrounding cities and towns. I think knowing your own country is important, and definitely educational - plus, you'll be able to brag about how amazing it is to other people when you are travelling. 

Give something up for a month to save
Travelling can be expensive no matter how many good deals you find on Expedia or Thomas Cook. The spending money, insurance, pre-travel pamper - it really does all add up. There are so many times that I have rejected weekends away for not having enough money, yet I somehow always have enough to go clubbing, go out for food or order clothes online. Give something up that you know really effects your saving for a month - it will give you an insight to how much money you actually could have left over each month if you adjusted your lifestyle slightly.

Visit a place that may vanish in your lifetime
There are two completely different ends of the spectrum here - visit somewhere where adverse environmental effects along with increased level of global warming are causing immense damage. researchers have said that there are some extremely vunerable zones that may completely disappear by 2050. Two of the most affected sites are the Great Barrier Reef and The Alps. Another end of the spectrum for this idea is to visit an exhibition that will only be at a gallery for a couple of weeks - when it is gone, it is gone. One that I currently really want to visit is the Harry Potter exhibition in Madrid running until 2 April 2018 - inner geek coming out.

Visit a National Park
Whether you love animals or you don't, nothing is cuter and more fulfilling than spotting wildlife in their natural habitats. Whether this is a bird, fish or even a deer- I think they are extremely cute and precious. There are so many lovely national parks around the UK that I am yet to visit unfortunately - such as the Lake District. It would be great to explore some more areas of the UK that are protected by the state to preserve wildlife, plants and overall are just beautiful areas. Perhaps starting with the Brecon Beacons, somewhere a little bit closer to home and then venturing further. 

Me and my family at the Grand Canyon National Park a year ago

Take a digital detox when exploring
Everyone loves to brag about their travels, me included, by posting some amazing photos, checking-in on Facebook or simply writing in your group WhatsApp messages. I think it is important to ditch social media while you're travelling and focus on the road. You do always have that one friend that will want to hunt down Wi-Fi at every possible option, but that doesn't mean that you do too. Take a digital detox and focus on the now and what is around you. I love social media just as much as the next person, but my goal is to get a good camera this year, meaning my phone really won't have a purpose on my travels.

Eat the cuisine of the area you're visiting
When I visited Asia for six weeks, rice really did start to get a bit much, so I had the occasional pizza and salad too. However, over the course of a city-break or even a week long holiday, it is great to experience with the local foods. I really enjoyed Currywurst whilst visiting Berlin, and also love going for Tapas when in Spain - some things are definitely a must and if you find out that you don't like something, at least you can say you tried the cuisine in its own town. My bucket list has included this as I normally always manage to find pizza even outside of Italy, even though they pretty much taste the same everywhere. 

Thai cuisine in Koh Phi Phi during summer

Subscribe to more travel newsletters and magazines
I currently work in a travel PR company, so getting my hands on National Geographic, Food and Travel and Conde Nast Traveller etc is pretty easy. However, when I leave this company later this year, I would love to subscribe to more of these wonderful magazines and continue keeping up with the travel sections in newspapers. Some give you a great insight to new places to go, off the beaten track areas, and great news for travellers. 

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  1. That's a lovely post! I love travelling so it was a very interesting read for me! Taking a digital detox is so important, but sometimes also really hard to do! I'm guilty of being on social media quite a lot, so that's definitely an important resolution for me to work on, too! Thanks for sharing! ��


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