Things all post-grads miss from student life

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Although it feels just a few weeks ago, I actually had my last lecture nine months ago. While there are so many things that I really don't miss - the dissertation, the hangovers, the part-time job taking up my weekends - there a lot of things that I miss and would happily trade in everything I am doing right now to go back to that lifestyle. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy my job and my career path, and having my weekends free, but damn it makes you look back at university and think about what a doss it actually all was. I mean, I would have a one hour lecture and decide not to attend as I thought I had too many hours in a week. Those nine hours of lectures over five days have nothing on the 37 that I am currently doing - how did I not go to half of my lectures when there were hardly even any lectures to go to!? Imagine just deciding not to go into work one day because you fancied staying in bed, it just wouldn't happen!

Firstly, the thing I miss most really is the amount of free time that I would have. The amount of TV shows that I would binge over a couple of weeks and complete was endless; Power, Narcos, Gossip Girl, you name it, I completed it. Now, I am currently watching Gilmore Girls and despite watching it for the past two months, I still have two seasons to go (good show though, I highly recommend). Also, it was so easy to book a holiday. If a cheap deal came up on Holiday Pirates or Thomas Cook and we wanted to go, we just booked it no questions asked. We travelled to Dublin in the middle of the week last year which was fab, but if we did that now we would have to spend an hour working out our holidays, checking whether we can take it off, using our flexi etc. It just really isn't the same. And those reading weeks, where nobody actually did any reading - wow. Oh how we took advantage of those weeks!

Mid-week trip to Dublin

Ugh, and let's be honest, whilst the hangovers at university are really crap, at least you have the rest of your housemates to fetch some hangover food with you looking like a complete tramp. The social part of university really was the best thing, you can always gather a squad together for a night out, have an amazing pre-drinks talking about who slept with who and singing to Britney Spears at the top of your lungs without any parents listening from the living room judging you. There would always be someone who you could talk to within a couple of metres whether it would be a Tuesday morning or a Saturday night, and the TV choices were always pretty much obvious as a group of friends usually have the same genre interests. Now, I am usually fighting with my mum and dad over having the ITV 6 o'clock news on or whether I can continue watching, I say it again, Gilmore Girls.

God and student nights out, how fun were those? If I turned up to one now, I would definitely look out of place amongst 18 year old freshers. A pair of jeans, a nice top and some trainers would be key to a student night out, and it was so easy to lose your friends and find someone else that you know (not on purpose of course) who you could cling to until you found them. Plus, the prices of drinks - where can you go on a Saturday night that serves £2.50 doubles please? This question is not rhetorical, if someone in Cardiff has any idea I would love to know.

Trainers, CHECK. Half a head pony, CHECK.
As everyone knows from my 'I can't go for food without taking a boomerang or Snapchat' mindset, I do love going out for food and if I go out for food whilst at home, there is always someone - my mum, my boyfriend, who says "Emma, going for food costs money and you go out for food too much". This would NEVER be said at university, I don't think anyone once gave me grief about having two Nandos in the space of a week, or even ordering Dominos on a Tuesday. I miss being able to go out for food all day everyday without anyone judging me, people at home are just holding me back from doing what I enjoy most; eating.

THE DISCOUNTS! Thankfully I have managed to blag my way into a new student card this year, but god knows what I am going to do when my NUS Card expires. Saving that 10% at New Look and those cheaper cinema tickets, bowling tickets etc really did help me save a lot more pennies and made everything a lot more affordable - the £3 that I could save from a £30 jumpsuit at New Look meant that I could get a Boots Meal Deal basically free. I mean, it probably is for the best that I don't have student discount because MissGuided always do stupid-amount discounts for students only, 40%, 50%, you name it, they do it and I do get sucked in pretty easily..

Plus, the free money really did help. I mean, technically it isn't free, I was still doing my 20 hours a week, but when I would check my bank at midnight on student loan day, it was the same feeling as getting free money. A grand would just appear out of the blue and I didn't even have to work for it. What an absolute dream!

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  1. I relate to this so much! It's been two years for me and I still miss the extra free time, the discounts and the whole having your friends across the hall at 3am when something is just too hilarious not to share. I'm not sure when this ends 😂 x


  2. Oh god I'm leaving uni in a year and a half and don't want to leave the discounts!!

  3. HI, I am sure that many of us can relate to this. Sadly life moves on and it becomes fond memories. I still have yet to watch Gilmore Girls. Oh and time of work becomes very precious and worth waiting for.

  4. This post hit me right where it hurts, I never realised how much I missed being a student but I totally do. The discounts were handy, but oh all the free time!

    Beka. xo


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