A brunch review: Parc Pantry in Newport

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I don't know Newport all that well. My boyfriend lives there, and I have been shopping in Friars Walk once or twice, but I don't know the surrounding areas. Of course, we all know that I love a brunch, so whenever I wake up fresh on a Saturday at my boyfriend's house, I tend to search 'avocado brunch Newport' on Google first thing. There really aren't that many places in Newport that seem to sell avocados and salmon and hollandaise sauce, Newport is definitely more of a fry-up kind of place (not that it is a bad thing, I love a fry-up just as much as anyone), which is what makes this lovely little find so great.

However, just before Christmas, my friend's mum posted a link on her wall to Parc Pantry, and what looked like this incredible, one-of-a-kind Elf inspired milkshake. When I say Elf, I mean the film, my favourite Christmas film, and what does Elf love? Candy canes, candy floss, maple syrup, sweets, sugar etc - that is what was exactly in the drink, diabetes in a drink.

The drinks came a very long while before the food, over half an hour prior to the food, and unfortunately the drink was very disappointing - I paid £4 for some sweets and a side of warm milk that didn't even fill the cup completely. The name and the idea of having a drink straight out of the movie 'Elf' was so much more appetising than the product itself.

I ordered my Smashed Avo' Bagel at the till - a classic choice by me, something incredibly boring and predictable yet always delicious. As long as the menu has avocado and eggs on the menu you can count me in. I ordered the bagel with halloumi, egg and bacon, the three sides that were offered with it and it was incredibly great value. For two drinks and two breakfasts, the total bill came to less than £15.

As I previously mentioned, we were waiting over half an hour for our food. I thought they had forgotten us at one point as several people who were served after me had been served, and basically finished. My boyfriend, who I dragged to Parc Pantry, only decided to order a bacon roll too, so it wasn't even as if they were cooking a full cooked breakfast.

On the plus, my food arrived and it was full of flavour. The side of chilli jam really made the meal more exciting and I normally wouldn't touch a tomato, but my entire breakfast was just delicious. I didn't realise how difficult it is to get a knife through a bagel until trying to cut each mouthful out at Parc Pantry, but damn it is difficult. Here is a little look at my delicious breakfast:

No shock that I ate every single bite, and by looking at the above picture there is an obvious reason why - it was just scrumptious. It sort of made the half-hour-plus waiting time worth it, not quite, but nearly.  It isn't very often you get offered halloumi with avocado, so it was nice to have that option and one of the best parts. Although I usually order avocado when I go out for brunch, it is always nice to have something a little bit different so it really was a nice add-on.

Overall I really liked the relaxed vibe that Parc Pantry boasted. There are plenty of little brunch type coffee shops like this in Cardiff, but this is the first one I have seen in Newport, so it is great that avocados are making that extra couple of miles. I will be returning, for probably the exact same meal because it was so good, minus the half a cup of warm milk and hopefully minus the slow service too.

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