Bottomless Prosecco Brunch in Cardiff - is it Worth it?

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When I first heard about Grey's Bottomless Brunch in Cardiff I clapped my hands and had a big gleaming smile whilst pacing through my diary looking for a suitable Saturday date. It all sounded too good to be true - two courses of brunch and as much Prosecco as your body can handle over a 90-minute time span; which is a good amount of time.

Then I felt a bit sceptical - would I even get my moneys worth considering its £28 (a lot more than a standard £4 avocado and egg brunch)? What if they didn't top up my glass enough and what if they really did limit us on how much we drank? It is a nice place after all, accessed via the Hilton which isn't cheap, and I am pretty sure that a bottle of Prosecco wouldn't be much cheaper than £28 as it is so why was the unlimited Prosecco and two courses of brunch charged at a similar price as a normal bottle?

The only way to find out whether it was worth the hype was to try it myself, so I booked the last table for 11am on Saturday and headed down that morning with my mum, her friend and her daughter. Brunch went well, so well that I actually didn't see daylight and I ended up coming home at around 9.30pm wondering where the day had gone.

Firstly, what exactly is bottomless brunch?

Some miracle worker has created the perfect 90 minute session for us millennials - avocado, poached eggs and literally as much Prosecco as you want. As soon as you sit down you are given your menu with a vast array of choices; avocado and eggs on rye bread, Eggs Florentine, Eggs Benedict, Eggs Royale and a full English brekkie. If you don't fancy having a breakfast with your Prosecco - I was perfectly fine obviously but I can see why it may be a bit odd - then opt for the burger that looked like an absolute beast, the steak sandwich or even the roast dinner (£10 supplement). Then, to settle everyone's "I need something sweet after savoury" needs, there is even a second course; sticky toffee pudding, Knickerbocker Glory and apple crumble with gingerbread ice-cream. The brunch is available on Saturdays and Sundays but I highly recommend booking as we had the last table this Saturday and it was full of birthday girls and the more sophisticated types of hen-parties.

The food

For the first time in my life, I actually didn't opt for the avocado option (partly because I already had avocado on toast three times that week at home). I opted for the Eggs Royale, which was absolutely delicious; plenty of salmon and the eggs were extremely runny just as I like them on top of a breakfast muffin. We had a variety of foods on the table actually, one burger which looked huge and delicious with a side of chilli jam, a cooked breakfast which didn't look greasy in the slightest and then my mum had the Eggs Florentine which was basically on par with mine.

So course one ticked the box for deliciousness, but then we were spoiled with another course - and although the menu offered three desserts, you could literally have a whole other breakfast if you wanted to. The avocado actually did tempt me that time but I went for the sticky toffee pudding and ice cream - good choice and it all came pretty fast. Of course I had plenty of Prosecco to wash it down with.

The Prosecco

Firstly, my biggest worry was that my glass wasn't going to get topped up enough as I wanted it to. Oh how I was wrong, I barely saw the bottom of my glass! We had a lovely waiter, Toby, who actually paid clear attention to those who had finished, or were close to finishing their glasses so that he could rush back over and top them up again. What a delight! Rumour has it, from a friend who has been, that smaller groups are usually better to go with than larger ones. Why? Because the first person who gets served would have finished their drink by the time it got to the end of the table, then they'd have to go and serve their other tables.

Is it worth the price?

As I mentioned, I was very sceptical. They stamp the time onto the table so that the waiters don't serve you past that time - so in that sense, they are strict on when you need to stop drinking by, however, the drinks are flowing non-stop. The food was absolutely delicious, and I took a look at the prices without the unlimited Prosecco on the side and it really wasn't badly priced either - so whether you want the drinks or not, I'd recommend. We all left pretty much very drunk; tumbling down stairs, laughing until the point we cried and our 'talking' voices getting much more louder and rowdy. It is fair to say that Toby made us get our money's worth!

Of course, £28 is a lot for just a brunch with a few drinks, so maybe I would do it more for an event; hen party, birthday etc than a standard brunch. But I was very happy with the service, food, Prosecco and entire 90-minutes overall!

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