My favourite Cardiff restaurants that serve local produce

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I am all about supporting local businesses rather than visiting big chains. Smaller, independent cafes and restaurants often have some of the best food about and get most of their food through local suppliers and producers, therefore you are not only helping a non-chain survive, but you are also helping suppliers and other businesses in the area - so well done you.

Whether you're passionate about helping local businesses grow, or you just want to enjoy some delicious locally sourced food, here are four lovely options to satisfy your needs. I am sure that I have missed a great ton of restaurants, cafes and bars that serve locally sourced produce, but these are my favourites that spring to mind:

Pen Y Lan Pantry

This cafe on the corner of the road was always rammed, and it took me longer than it should have to check out what the fuss was all about. Pen-Y-Lan Pantry is more than just a deli that serves delicious Smashed Avo and Chorizo. they also promote local producers and suppliers. They have a range of vegtables, cheeses, chutneys, jams etc all from Cardiff folk and it is probably more rammed for their local produce than it is for their cafe (there are only a couple of seats).


If you want to pay slightly more for some great food, then Bullys is the ideal place. As stated on their website, they use seasonal produce from Welsh providers which is then complemented by a unique French wine list. Their menu changes all of the time, to ensure that they only serve the best, fresh produce to their guests. A clear menu from Bullys when I visited a few years ago is their apple pie crumble with custard flavoured ice cream - the apple literally comes crumbled and it is delicious.

Madame Fromage

I had to double check this one as the French hint in the name suggests that most of the produce isn't that local; but it turns out that it is! Of course, a wide range of ingredients are imported from France but the deli counter serves a large section of Welsh cheeses and most breads are from a bakery in Monmouth and some from Cardiff Market. I really enjoyed the platter that I had above that gave me and my mum a wide range of things to try - best antipasto platter that I have had and plenty to go around. They serve a range of Welsh dishes too including homemade lamb Cawl and Welsh rarebit.

Grazing Shed

Photo Credit: Wales Online
When I recently saw that The Grazing Shed was opening a pop-up store just around the corner of my house, in Lakeside, I was over the moon. When I am in need of a big, fat, beastly burger, this is my go-to, and let me tell you, they have such an expansive menu so you spend most of your time trying to choose. Their slogan, 'Super Tidy Burgers' surely indicates that their produce is all local, but if that isn't enough to go by, then their website talks about their 'finest locally sourced Welsh ingredients'. Their chutneys are all made on-site, created with care and deliciousness whilst their bread is baked by a local artisanal baker. Give it a go!

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