A Gift Guide for Travel Lovers

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Birthday gifts can always be a struggle, and I know that a lot of people have said to me before that I am fairly difficult to buy for. Think about it- I love to travel and I love food, you could honestly buy me anything related to those two topics and it would make me feel all fluffy inside.

If your partner in crime, whether that be your boyfriend/girlfriend or best friend, loves to travel, then look no further for some awesome birthday ideas. 

A map to map your travels
First one is a pretty obvious one, yet still exciting if you're a new couple who love travelling together. I had a scratch map a few years ago and while it is a great way to mark off where you have been, it can look quite messy which really just isn't ideal. How about a world map where you can attach photos of you both from each places you've visited? This way, everything looks a bit more spread out and you don't have the messy copper scratchy bits everywhere which drive me absolutely insane. Either put the pins in yourself with attached photos to make it a bit more personal, or give it to the man/woman you adore to let them get crafty! You can get world maps from the National Geographic site, they are now on sale!

Pinterest: World Maps

Anniversary Luggage Tags
I mean, personally, these are too cringe for me. I shouldn't admit that on my own post I guess, but I guess some people are just more affectionate. They can be cute too, especially if you have been together quite a while. These anniversary luggage will not only help you be able to spot your luggage, or help you decide which of the 100 black leather cases is yours, but also remind you how long you've been travelling together for - another country for another year! I have just found these on Amazon for a relatively good price - plus they are wooden. Oh, and also, who would actually want to steal your personalised anniversary luggage tag? You'll always get it back.

His and hers tags from notonthehighstreet.com 

A photo book
I have recently said that I want to start making photo books for myself for each country, but that is probably just me being selfish as I didn't even consider making them for Adam, oops. Anyway, photo books are a great way to look back on the exciting times that you had exploring Sri Lanka or even just a nice British city. Put them in a nice order and you can even write cute little quotes and memories around them! I have just found the below ones on Pinterest (shock) and after hunting for theses exact ones, I think I have finally found some on this Instagram - they have a range of photo bits and bobs, and their feed is very calming. *follows*

Headphone splitters
Now these aren't as gushy and instead they are a lot more practical - I think I might even order some myself. Have you ever whipped out your tablet to watch a film with your partner but then had to share your headphones? If not, then let me explain - you give your partner your left headphone, and to the right of you, there is a crying baby and you have no way of blocking it out because you have to share. With headphone splitters, you can both throw in your own headphones and either jam to newest Drake song together, or watch Ice Age in sync - they really are suitable for everyone. Here are some cute Panda ones from PrezzyBox.

A Birchbox Subscription
I don't have one myself but my best friend raves about it all the time. You get a box every month filled with tiny treats which of course would be very convenient for travelling as all the liquids are hand luggage size. There are male and female options too and there are brands such as MAC and Tommy Hilfiger that get chucked in each month too. What's more, it is basically a birthday gift every month because you never know what you're going to get! Click here to make your purchase.

A Cork Globe
I didn't realise these were even a thing until I started writing this blog- what a lovely little invention! I am sure your other half will be just as pleased as I was reading about this if she receives a cork globe. It allows them to put in pins of all the places they have visited, so that they won't lose track. I can just imagine this being the perfect home study accessory! *hint* Adam I want one *hint*. These are available from UncommonGoods.

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