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Ah, another weekend, another time for brunch. I moved back to Cardiff on the weekend after four years of living in Cheltenham for university and Gloucester for my first job as a PR Executive. I must say, I am glad to be back - even if my mum does nag me fifty times a day! I also haven't done a brunch post since my boozy Bottomless Brunch at Grey in the Hilton which you can check out here, so it seemed quite appropriate to take to my blog to do another brunch post.

Anyway, after cleaning the house, packing everything up and completing a "oh my god, you're doing a 72 in a 70!" drive home with my mum, we visited Society Standard, after eventually parallel parking into a teeny tiny space after a mini breakdown. This is one of the first places that comes up if you search "breakfast spots in Cardiff" so I thought it must be good!

A few weeks ago I posted on Twitter asking for a couple of Cardiff brunch suggestions, and I had some great replies that I want to try out over the next few weeks. I decided to visit the Society Standard this weekend on Whitchurch Road - the only bad thing was the lack of parking space outside but I mean, like I said, I eventually got there.

Interior of Society Standard
It is a similar vibe to Stag Coffee; a little quirky, a lot of students and super friendly staff.We helped ourselves to a table, there was literally one left right at the back near the kitchen (even the chefs said hello and from my knowledge after working in restaurants and pubs, this is a very rare occurrence!). Sometimes minimal decoration is better; plain brick walls, benches as seats and some funky artwork to brighten the place up. Plus, at the back there was a visible kitchen, which is always great as you can see exactly how your food is being made. I went to the bar to order 2x cups of tea and the girl was lovely - served me a pot for one because it was cheaper and just told me to return back to the bar to top up the hot water! Although, something was slightly misleading on the drinks menu which was a shame. There were two options for orange juice, one 'orange juice' and one 'fresh orange juice', so I was expecting it to be proper fresh orange juice from a machine - instead it was just from a bottle. Don't get me wrong it was still yum, I was just hoping for something else.

I had already told myself that I wouldn't get crushed avocado and poached eggs this week, as it usually tastes the same everywhere. I sort of, half, sticked to that promise to myself and ordered a halloumi and avocado roll with added egg and crispy bacon. I mean, the only difference is the fact that there was another piece of bread sitting on top of the egg and avocado I guess. My mum ordered the vegan breakfast but added an egg and I must say it was a very good choice.

Our delicious food!
As you can see, it pretty much came with everything. She basically had smashed avocado with a side of loads of little bits; mushrooms, beans, bubble'n'squeak and spinach - a great combination. Also, this is probably the first vegan meal that I have seen that I know I would happily choose over a fat sausage or greasy piece of bacon. My brioche roll came packed with crispy streaky bacon, a runny poached egg, grilled halloumi and of course, avocado. Plus, what really brought the flavour out was the tomato relish that was also in there!

In all fairness, my mum said her bubble'n'squeak was cold, which is a shame because the rest was perfect, and mine was delicious too, so that was the only downside. I have never tried bubble'n'sqeak before but if that was anything to go by, it kind of tasted like cold corned beef. But of course, I can't judge it because I have nothing else to go by - so to a bubble'n'sqeak fan, if it was a little bit warmer, it may be bloomin' fantastic. We probably could've asked the nice chefs to warm it up, they seemed nice enough, but they also seemed very busy.

There was a fair amount of choice on the menu though - I was tempted to order the pancakes but considering it was pancake day just a few days ago, I thought I would go for the roll - a nice large brioche with plenty of filling. You know those memes where people literally cannot get any more in their mouth and it is all spilling out? Yep, that was basically me, couldn't get enough and I wanted all of the flavour to chew down. Ugh, I am drooling.

Would I visit back? Abso-frigging-looooooootely! I have now actually moved Society Standard to my top brunch spot, so whenever one of my 'out-of-Cardiff' friends come to stay, then this is where I will be taking them! I am happy to say that I finally tried this lovely little spot and I am excited to eat there again in the future - not just for brunch but for their lunch and dinner menu too, even their Sunday menu.

If you have any great foodie place suggestions that you think I should try, then please Tweet me on @EmmaLeighHull! 

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  1. I'm so jealous, both meals looks so tasty, but that roll looks insanely good!

    Ashley | hiyaitsashley.com

  2. It’s a shame about the bubble and squeak - although I don’t think I would eat anyone else’s but my mother’s version! I do love a good brunch though x

  3. I love Cardiff and it is just under an hour's drive from me! I have never heard of Society Standard but sounds and looks so lovely! I must go here when I'm down Cardiff next! PS.. Congrats on graduating! xx


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