Everything that you should do the day before a holiday

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If you have discovered this blog after Googling 'pre-travel essentials' then screw you, I am so jealous of your holiday tomorrow, especially with all of this Cardiff snow and cold weather. Before you embark on your *assuming* well deserved trip, there are definitely a few essentials that you should probably do before you go - minus the obvious insurance, finding a dog-sitter and deciding how you're getting to the airport. My day-before-a-holiday usually involves me running around multiple shops trying to find things that I should've bought weeks ago, and manically trying to charge all of my electronic devices to keep me entertained on the plane.

Anyway, here are a just a couple of things that you should do before you set off on your travels:
Tell your credit/debit card people
Do you know what, I have actually never done this as I have never used a debit card abroad I have only ever used my Monzo aka my current currency card. However, imagine I lost that and my actual bank didn't know I was abroad? It wouldn't let me take any money out and I would definitely be screwed. Always best to give them a quick call and let them know that you're jetting away! Oh, and make sure there is enough money on there for the entire trip. If you come back with any extra, then it is just a bonus!

Confirm your hotel 
The worst thing in the world would be to get on a frigging long flight and get on one of those annoying transfer coaches only to find that your reservation actually isn't existant. Call up the hotel the day before you travel to remind them what time you are arriving and double check what the easiest way to get there is. Same goes for any transfers, taxis, trips; make sure they exist because the worst thing possible would be faffing late at night! I usually print out my confirmation and take it with me, just in case.

Clear out your purse
Leave any loyalty cards etc at home. There is honestly nothing worse than losing your purse and not having that Starbs card with a free coffee you've been saving up for the past year. Plus, how many times are you actually going to visit these places while you're away?
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Sort out your fridge!
So my parents are currently in Barbados and shoved right at the back of the fridge today I found two week old custard - uch! Definitely make sure you get rid of any food that will go off during your travels. I hate food waste, so if possible, take some things to a food bank or give some salads/veg to members of your family. Better going to someone than to hit the food waste bin. If you can freeze anything that is already in the fridge, absolutely do that!

Check the weather
This seems like an obvious one, but most people, including me, would never check the weather before they travel, especially if they've booked somewhere in the summer. Never assume that it will be above 20 degrees and bright sunshine, because even the hottest parts of Spain need some rainfall every now and then. By checking the day before, it still gives you time to pack that last minute rain jacket!

Scribble down all your hotel and flight deets
I always forget this one, and the amount of times I have my mum ringing me as I am boarding a flight harrassing me for all of my details is insane. I always write down my flight number and hotel details, just in case any (worst case scenario here) natural disasters happen wherever you are, it is great for your loved ones to be able to check that you're safe rather than staying in the dark.

Bring in the outdoor furniture
My family are absolutely guilty of this- we once even left the cushions outside for two weeks and shock, we came back to typical British weather of rain and they were actually soaked and ruined. Bring the furniture in, even if you just pop it into the garage, better safe than sorry. Plus, if someone knows you're away they will definitely come over and steal your cutest garden gnomes!

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