BEFORE AND AFTER: Opalescence teeth whitening at the dentist

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I have been conscious about my teeth for absolutely ages now and after buying so many novelty products; charcoal toothpaste, an at-home teeth whitener from Boots for £50 and the strips, nothing seemed to work. My next step was to visit my dentist to see what he could do for me, and before that visit, I was even skeptical about that as I assumed they were so stained that nothing could be done. I can promise you that this blog really isn't a sponsored post and I in no way have been communicating with Opalescence about this blog. Before my treatment, it was near impossible for me to find honest blogs and reviews about teeth whitening - even I fell for the Geordie Shore girls' teeth whitening videos, that is how I ended up buying that crap Boots teeth whitening kit!

As you can see from the above photo, they are ridiculously more stained than Adam's. It is funny really; I don't drink coffee much, maybe one cup a month if that, and I don't drink red wine. Only recently have I become a two-cups-of-tea-a-day kind of girl. Finding a photo for this blog prove difficult because it was near impossible to find a photo where I hadn't scribbled white onto my teeth. There was absolutely no way that I would ever share a photo on Facebook without sorting my teeth out first, they made me so conscious. I am not one for editing photos, I would be fine with a few spots, shorter lashes whatever kids do these days, but my teeth were just yuck, not ok.

I visited my dentist after starting my first job in PR and had a steady income back in September. He had told me the teeth whitening at home process was £200 and he didn't do it in the dentist itself. This was fine, he told me that is more effective etc so of course I agreed. 

I had my moulds taken, just like any sort of gum shields, and I was told a little about the process. A few things my dentist told me that made me regret it already (before I saw the results!) were..

- It works on some people but not others.
- Your teeth can go whiter in some places but not others.
- Your teeth may get over sensitive.

I still went ahead with it of course, but I was definitely a bit wary of the above. I waited two weeks to half my moulds returned to me with my teeth whitening kit and when I returned to the dentist, it was there and waiting. The moulds fitted fine and my dentist showed me exactly how to use it. Of course, I was full of questions as it was something i was so unfamiliar with, but it is better to know how to use it than to completely waste your money.

Every night, I put a tiny dollop of bleach into my new retainers on each tooth, ensuring it is just enough where it doesn't splurge out of the top, and enough to make sure that every tooth is covered. Then, I just sleep with them in over night and clear them out in the morning. It really is just that easy!

I started to notice the difference pretty much after two or three days. I honestly didn't think it would work that fast, I assumed it would take a week plus. Needless to say that I am very impressed. 

So here goes my before and after results..

This is just after a couple of days, and they are only continuing to get whiter! I have started having a fair bit of sensitivity, which means that I need to stop using it each day and only apply the bleach a couple of times a week. I haven't had so much sensitivity that I am in pain, but it something that I definitely notice when I take a swig of cold water.

I really do recommend using Opalescence teeth whitening from the dentist if your teeth are something you are very conscious about just like me. It definitely worked on me, but obviously everyone is different.

Is this something that you have used or considering using? Let me know your thoughts.

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  1. Hey, your teeth whitening result is amazing. My teeth are kinda yellow too, so I decided to whiten them using Opalescence. May you tell me, how many shades did your teeth whiten, and also, are they stil white atm?


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