Hungover Feastin' at The Real Italian Pizza Company in Cardiff

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After two weeks of being back home in Cardiff, it is safe to say the novelty of having my washing and cooking done for me by mother dearest has most definitely worn off. So when it was my turn to choose where to hit for a hangover feast, I jumped at the idea of visiting The Real Italian Pizza Company!

Adam and I had already had a great previous experience from their other restaurant in Bath (they literally put avocado on my pizza, two of my fave things combined!) and we were excited to give the Cardiff pizzeria a go.

When we arrived, we were greeted by a lovely waiter who sat us in our seats. The place looked a bit empty, but we chose a weird time of 4pm - too late for lunch, too early for dinner - which explains it. The menus were placed in front of us and my mouth was salivating over the descriptions of the food. I was half dying from the night before's antics, but sitting next to the window and being able to people watch really helped.

Obviously, I couldn't sit there and wait for my main without having a little starter, so of course, I ordered the garlic bread AND the dough balls (garlic overload!) to share between us, although I am pretty sure I had most of it, shock. We weren't waiting long for this at all, in fact, probably between 5-10 minutes. This was the beginning of my hangover cure. In all honestly, anything could have tasted the bees knees at this point, but from my recollection, I really enjoyed it. There was enough garlic butter for any normal person - Adam and I actually ran out, but that's because we both live for it and the garlic bread was beautifully done. A great amount for two or three people which is always pleasing as I hate small portions.

I ordered a calzone for my main, filled with goats cheese, caramelised onions and spinach and it even came with a side salad, but in all honestly, the side salad really wasn't the reason I chose this, lets be honest. Adam ordered a pizza- I think ordered he the Diavola which sounded very him - full of meats such as sausage and pepperoni, and a great load of spice too with jalapeno peppers.

The seating was fairly on the quaint side but, there is actually an unexpected seating area upstairs which I can imagine is full to a brim on a Saturday evening! The overall vibe of the place is very cool and is a great place to go to watch all of the Cardiff shoppers on the weekend.

The mains arrived; mine was huge with a balsamic glazed salad which actually went really well with my calzone. There were plenty of toppings (can I even call them toppings when they aren't on top?) and the dough wasn't in the slightest overdone or underdone, every part of this meal was what I had hoped for; cooked to perfection. There was me, protesting the salad before it even came, and I can promise you there wasn't a single leaf left on my plate - everything was munched away. Adam said his pizza was beautifully done too. A lot of pizzas that have a lot of meaty toppings tend to be filled with grease - thankfully this was not the case and every crumb was eaten!

What I liked so much about this restaurant was the wood-burning oven on the side where the customers can actually see. Partly because it means I can keep a look out for my waiter holding my food, but also because you can see the talented chefs throwing the dough in the air and decorating the pizzas well with toppings.

The only minor downside I’d have to say were the drinks. As in quite a few other restaurants, when ordering a coke it comes from a tiny glass bottle bottle and is £3. This annoys me because I full well know that a bottle of Coca-Cola is often £1 on offer in Tesco, so to charge £3 for a tiny bottle is a bit of a liberty really but hey ho. It also doesn't help that I never just order one, always two and maybe even three. That is nearly £10 just on Coke! I personally would have preferred Coke or even Pepsi on draught.

I would definitely visit again - a lovely hangover cure and like I mentioned, I can imagine it being about buzzing on a Saturday night. I feel as though this pizza place would be great in summer as they have some outdoor seating too. Also, rumour has it.. The Real Italian Pizza Company are also often on Wriggle. So keep a look out for great deals!

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