Cardiff's Best Sunday Lunch: The Potted Pig

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A Sunday lunch is most definitely not my favourite meal, I really need to be in the right mood to enjoy one which is why I barely ever head out and actually bother spending money on one. However, with my parents being away on a cruise all week (lucky devils!) over both of their birthdays, I thought it would be nice to treat them to somewhere lovely for lunch.

After Googling around for Cardiff's best Sunday lunch, I wasn't even shocked that The Potted Pig came out on top on multiple trustworthy websites considering I have never heard of anyone leaving the restaurant unsatisfied. It seemed only appropriate to book a table here, and I am so glad that I did.

There was a bit of a mix up with our booking to begin with; when I called up Saturday evening to re-check the time of the booking, I was told that there was no booking under my name and that they were fully booked. I checked my phone records and I definitely rang and booked a table as I was on the phone a little over two minutes, but not to worry, I booked somewhere else at this point and asked if they could ring back if they had any cancellations. Thankfully, they rang back about an hour later (thank you to whoever cancelled!!!) to let me know that there was a table at 2pm waiting for me - the girls on the phone were super sympathetic and helpful which is always a lovely start.

We entered The Potted Pig and we were greeted and sat in our table straight away. The waitress instantly offered us water, offering us the choice between bottled and tap, which is already such a plus in comparison to my experience at Laguna. My mum and I ordered a bottle of wine to share while my dad ordered a Diet Coke, not on draught, in a small bottle unfortunately.

The Sunday Lunch price wasn't too bad; two courses for £16 or three for £20 (shock, I had three courses). I asked if I was able to decide between two or three at the end of the meal, and that was fine as I wasn't sure how full I was going to get. I ordered the ham hock for starters and both my mum and dad ordered the mushrooms on toast. My bread was a little harder than expected yet still enjoyable, and the ham was deliciously cooked, practically melted in my mouth. Of course I tried a couple of mushrooms and again, cooked to perfection and beautifully flavoured in olive oil and seasoning. 

The Potted Pig's potted ham hock with toast and pickles
The plates were cleared and we impatiently waited for our main courses as the woman's next to us looked so nice. We all used her plate as her inspiration on what to order - three plates of beef please. The time between each course certainly wasn't long but the beautiful smells from the kitchen definitely made the wait seem like hours. It arrived and my meat was a little too rare for my liking, although we were told about this at the beginning so it was my own fault really for not asking them to cook it a little longer. I still ate it and the meat was easy to both cut and it was barely chewy, with no blood as it had been left out a little longer, so all in all it was actually a good piece of beef.

Right, I have never (as far as I am aware) eaten cabbage other than coleslaw, my mum and dad aren't that big of a fan so it is never in the house. They handed us a bowl of cabbage, carrots and parsnips and let me tell you, we all thought the cabbage was the best part, so much so, that we even asked how it was cooked so that we could do it ourselves. New favourite veg I think! The cauli cheese was drowned in real cheese, yet you could still taste how perfect the cauli was cooked, and the roasties were just the right amount of crisp. I had to ask for more gravy as I like my plate swimming, but that was literally no issue to the waiter and he came back with not one, not two, but THREE jugs of gravy at no extra charge. Is he a nice guy or is he a nice guy?

We all chose the beef!
For someone that 'barely likes a cooked dinner', I really managed to eat one hell of a lot and let me tell you, it was probably the best cooked dinner that I have ever had (soz mum). So although I said that I was pretty full, I did have to order a dessert (goes to the heart not the stomach). I opted for the tonka bean (I didn't know what this was so she brought me one out to smell - slightly vanilla-spiced) flavoured panna cotta with white chocolate cookie and crumb. This was also delicious, the panna cotta literally jiggled around on my spoon as it was so perfectly set and the bean flavour mixed with the cookie was just perfecto. 

I overall have no bad comments for The Potted Pig's Sunday lunch because I can honestly say that I enjoyed every little thing that I put into my mouth. I will definitely be back another time to try their normal menu, and if it anything like what I have experienced today, I will be in for an absolute treat!

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