8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Amsterdam Today

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Joint with Germany's capital Berlin, Amsterdam is my favourite European city. The city is just so clean and everyone there is so friendly. Maybe this is me just being bias, as my dad is half-dutch making me a quarter, but there was just something about the city that made me fall in love with it. I guess 20,000,000 other people feel the same way as that is how many visitors Amsterdam gets annually!

I was excited for Amsterdam for so many reasons; Anne Frank's House, experiencing the Red Light District (as a non-client obviously) and just getting to meet some of the friendly locals. The city itself is beautiful, with hundreds of canals running through it and plenty of delicious foodie places to visit.
Here are 8 reasons why Amsterdam really should be a must on your travel bucket list this year:

It is the cleanest European city that I have ever visited

I don't like litter, and the thought of someone not putting something in the correct bin makes me quite angry. When I was in Amsterdam, the first thing I noticed was just how clean the city is. There was barely any rubbish on the floor! Plus, the air isn't polluted; maybe due to the fact that their main form of transport is the bicycle?

All touristy places are nearby
Us at Vondelpark
Which brings me on to this point! There is no need to use the bus, train, car or tram really that much, because majority of the tourist attractions and museums are within walking distance from each other. From my memory, the museums are around a 20 minute walk from the centre, and Vondelpark is that little bit further at around 40 minutes. Exercise is great, avoid transport if you can!

There is a super low crime rate
Just last year, Amsterdam was actually ranked as one of the safest cities in the world, ranking at number 6 for the lowest crime rate. Though weed/wacky backy/marijuana/Mary-Jane is available freely in their coffee shops and prostitution is legal, this perhaps makes it a lot safer as there are no dodgy drug dealings and a lot less rapists as sex is available to them for just £50 an hour. With there not being too much traffic too, traffic accidents are a lot less likely. Maybe the UK should take a leaf out of Holland's book?

It has loads of cute shops and cafes
Make sure that you don't go to a coffee shop for a bite to eat and a coffee in the morning, because that probably isn't what you'll be served with. Amsterdam has a lot of cute corner cafes that serve tremendous Cinnamon Buns and great coffee. In the town centre, there are also a hella' lot of little shops too and you're bound to have a field day exploring all of the funky bits and bobs that they sell.

You're free to be yourself
The Netherlands actually have some of the most relaxed LGBTQ rules in all of Europe, which is probably why they have such a massive LGBTQ community. So if you're part of that community, Amsterdam is the place to be for rules, regulations and overall relaxation. You be who you want to be guuuurl!

The canals make it super beautiful
If I told you that there are 165 canals in Amsterdam, would you believe me? Well, it is true. The canals definitely make Amsterdam unique, offering more than just your average boat tour. Enjoy dinner on a canal cruise or have a Google for the next drinking boat. The canal ring area of Amsterdam, just inside the Singelgracht became part of the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2010.

There are plenty of museums

One of the two sex museums!

If you aren't interested in the Van Gogh Museum, then not to worry, there are probably about 30+ more to choose from. We had a very varied experience when we went. On day one we started with the Rijksmuseum, day two Anne Frank museum and by day three, the iconic Sex Museum. In fact, we covered both sex museums! You really do have a wide choice.

The Avocado Show
Unfortunately, this wasn't open or even thought of when I visited Amsterdam. In fact, avocados were probably pretty low key back in 2015. Now, there is a cafe that serves literally nothing but avocados. Ah! Amazing. The Avocado Cafe serves everything from avocado and eggs on toast, with a load of special accompaniments, as well as pancakes with avocado with their own special touches. Sounds nuttttttttttttts right? I might take a day trip just for this reason. Oh, they sell a load of avocado merch too.

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