15 Things You Should Do in Edinburgh

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About a year ago, my bestie and I visited Edinburgh on a spontaneous last-minute trip, and we honestly had the best time. What a beautiful city! We covered pretty much all of the most-well known attractions, as well as doing our own thing and exploring the Scottish capital.

Here is a little list of things that you should consider doing on your trip to Edinburgh:

1. Climb Arthur's Seat
Starting with, no undoubtedly the most obvious Edinburgh attraction, Arthur's Seat. You will need to dedicate a fair amount of time to this because this little (it isn't that little) hike will take the entire morning - especially if you need to stop for a breather a few times like we did!  

2. Stroll Through the Old Town
The Old Town in Edinburgh reminds me of something that you'd see in a movie, it is so picturesque. The Old Town is filled with tourist attractions such as the castle, restaurants, cafes, wine bars, the Royal Mile and more, while the New Town is filled with your normal high-street shops and chains. Both are lovely, but the Old Town wins for me!

3. Visit Calton Hill for the Views
There is a hill in the middle of the town centre known as Calton Hill, and it gives the most spectacular views of the city.

4. Climb the Scott Monument
Ok, we didn't actually climb it because we weren't sure how to, but we stopped at the bottom, looked at it, walked around it and walked away. Of course, this is one of Edinburgh's must-dos if you search for things to do, we were just too dumb to realise how to get up there.

5. Walk the Royal Mile
The Royal Mile is situated in the Old Town, which I previously stated is one of my favourite places in Edinburgh. The Royal Mile is, no shock, a mile-long road filled with whiskey shops, pubs and souvenir shops. It connects the castle to the Scottish Parliament building and is a lovely walk!

6. Visit the Palace of Holyrood
Again, we didn't go inside but we walked past and it looked very pretty. This building doesn't stray too far from the Scottish Parliament, so it is great to kill two birds with one stone, before setting on the nice brisk walk up the Royal Mile.

7. Visit Dean Village
Weirdly, this isn't on many round-ups when it comes to Edinburgh but it is literally the prettiest little village that you'll ever see. It was previously where milling of water mills took place and the remains of this can still be seen by visitors. We had cute photos on the bridge – look!

8. Do a Harry Potter Tour
There are so many Harry Potter related places in Edinburgh which is weird considering it was never filmed there. If you look online, there are loads of Harry Potter walking tours that you can tag along to, that will take you to all of J.K Rowling’s inspirational spots!

9. Eat at the Elephant Room
We didn’t do this because we couldn’t find it, which is a shame, but this is where J.K Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter book. Of course, like any company would, this is a massive PR point now and the restaurant gains millions visit from Harry Potter fans each year.

10. Have a Picnic at Princes Street Gardens
This was the first place that we came across when we got off our bus after the airport and it was a big load of gardens with views of the castle high above. The perfect place for a picnic in the summer!

11. Visit the Scottish Parliament
As I mentioned, this is right next to the palace so it would be ideal to kill two birds with one stone here. We went inside for a good half hour after we walked half way up Arthur’s Seat – I think the Scottish Parliament get together on a Thursday *I didn’t Google this to check so I am most likely wrong*

12 Last But Not Least – The Castle!
I loved Edinburgh castle, not just the inside but the outside too. It is in a great location perching over the rest of the city and I think it is great. My advice would be to book this online too and get either an audio guide or a tour when you get there, so you can get the most out of the experience!

13. Take Part in an Underground Ghost Tour
These seemed to be super popular when we were there – there were busses with advertisements, people dressed up on the street and all sorts. I didn’t take part in one of these but I really wish I did. An excuse to head back there, I guess.

14. Go Whiskey Tasting
I’m not a fan of whiskey at all, but if you are partial to the occasional double shot, then head to one of Edinburgh’s finest whiskey tasting experiences. They aren’t hard to find so keep a look out on Royal Mile or book online prior to travelling.

15. Browse the Shops on the Royal Mile
As I mentioned, the Royal Mile is filled with whiskey shops, souvenir shops and even gin shops – so you’re bound to find something Scotland-related that you’ll like. All of the shops tend to be towards the top end by the castle, so if you don’t think you can do the entire mile, just do that part.

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