How to Organise a Weekend in Paris on a Budget

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Every single day feels like a week as I am counting down the days to Paris - time is ticking too slowly and excitement is really taking over. It is weird because Berlin  definitely overtakes Paris on my favourite European cities list, but I really just cannot contain my excitement for Paris this time.

Anyway, I have recently purchased three nights and four full days in Paris for just £114 - that includes coach transfers to London, a night in London, Eurostar both ways and accommodation.

Pretty awesome, right? I am trying to save money this year, which is why I can't really afford to splash out on expensive European cities right now, so this was ideal!

Paris is quite an expensive city, and here, I am going to talk about how I managed to get this fabulous deal.

So, sit back and let me tell you how you can also take advantage of this amazing opportunity:

Accommodation (£31)
The Sun, as in that horrible newspaper that always prints terrible stories that claim are 'news', they often offer holiday parks for either £15 or £7pp each year, and it just so happens that there is a caravan park just 20 minutes away from Disneyland, which is fab if you know how to drive in another country, otherwise it is about an hour away by transport.

I actually do not buy The Sun, but there are some seriously nice people online that share the codes that you need to be able to go through the booking process. If you have a Google these will come up. If you want a nice little break in Cornwall or Devon, then these codes are valid for that too.

I think our accommodation came to a total of £62, including our booking fee. As there are two of us going, me and the same bestie that came to Edinburgh in my most recent post, it charged us £30pp/pn instead of £15, as the caravan actually sleeps 4. The caravan park is called Est-Champigny and is located just west of Paris, a 15 minute metro into the centre.

Eurostar (£58)
I never considered the EuroStar until the EasyJet flights from Bristol arrived in the evening, therefore wasting an entire day in the lovely city of romance. We checked out EuroStar and there were trains that arrived at 9am, therefore giving us an entire extra day in city. Oh, and not to mention that it was only £29 each way - BARGAIN. 

Our train to Paris leaves at 5am, which is early but going to be totally worth it for a whole extra day of fun and sightseeing, right? Our train returns to London at 5pm, so there is still time to get a bus back to lovely Cardiff. I would definitely consider the EuroStar again and I can't believe that I have never thought of it before. For this cheap and for extra time away, it is definitely worth it. And it saves the faff with airports and check in too!

Transfers to London (£12)
I am from Cardiff which is still a good 3 hour drive from London, so I guess you're wondering how on EARTH I am going to get to the EuroStar at St Pancras station at stupid o'clock in the morning without paying a shizz load on Central London parking.

I have used the National Express a few times and other than my last terrible experience where my driver forgot to stop to let the other driver on, so we had to wait an extra 45 mins at the services (we got refunded for this as the service was damn right terrible!), they've all been pretty ok.

Anyway, if these times don't suit you, then MegaBus is always an option, which is what we have used this time. These are great options as the return price is almost ALWAYS lower than £15, which kicks the train fare by an absolute mile. We paid £12 return for our coaches to London next month, with the perfect times for us too. We leave at 6pm and get to St Pancras at 11pm. So that give us six hours until our EuroStar leaves the station..

London Accommodation (£13)
So, what are we going to do in those six hours? London accommodation prices are absolutely ridiculous - am I correct or am I correct? You're looking at £100 a night at LEAST, for a B&B near the station. My bestie has previously stayed in the Generator Hostel in London and said that it was a good experience, considering it is a hostel.

I am kind of over my fear of hostels thanks to travelling Asia with the girls. You kind of realise that everyone is as weary of everyone else, and nobody is there to kill you. Our hostel cost just £13 each for a bed in a unisex room of 6. So hopefully, we will be able to get a few hours shut eye and get ready for our EuroStar without having to sleep at a train station!

So there you go, this is how I managed to get myself an absolute bargain of a deal for three nights in Paris. The total cost came to £114 and hopefully, everything goes well. We have two days in Disneyland too but we added these out of choice. Paris is one of the most expensive cities in Europe so the money that we have saved on accommodation and travel will definitely be spent as spending money once we are over there. I will be sure to share our experience once we return on July 16!

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